Andrew Hastie’s China warning must be heeded

Read the op-ed from Andrew Hastie that has hit like a slow burn.

Here’s the para that made all the headlines:

The West once believed that economic liberalisation would naturally lead to democratisation in China. This was our Maginot Line. It would keep us safe, just as the French believed their series of steel and concrete forts would guard them against the German advance in 1940. But their thinking failed catastrophically. The French had failed to appreciate the evolution of mobile warfare. Like the French, Australia has failed to see how mobile our authoritarian neighbour has become.

The media took this to mean he was comparing China to the Nazis:

China’s embassy in Australia has responded with fury to explosive remarks made by a Liberal MP and the head of parliament’s powerful intelligence committee.

West Australian backbencher Andrew Hastie today compared China’s growing global ambition and militarisation to the rise of Nazi Germany in an opinion piece for Channel 9 newspapers.

The media are idiots.

This report from Peter Hartcher is an exception. Read it as well. It’s got some great background on Xi and his father, a colleague of Mao.

Clive Hamilton has also hit out – this time at left-wing students supporting China on campuses:

Clive Hamilton has slammed left-wing activists on Australian university campuses as “useful idiots” of the Chinese Communist Party, after a Greens student group belatedly reversed its opposition to a protest against the Confucius Institute’s impact on academic freedom.

The outspoken author has also called on intelligence authorities to investigate whether mainland Chinese students who clashed with Hong Kong students at a University of Queensland protest were acting at the behest of the Chinese consulate, in breach of foreign interference laws.

‘Missing’ girls

Claire Harvey is wrong about sex-selection abortions.

In Friday’s show, we highlighted the new NSW abortions laws, mentioning also the number of missing girls in Victoria following the passage of the abortion law. This report from 2018 gives further detail which is frightening and illuminating:

A phenomenon of “missing girls” could be afflicting Australia, as a study of more than a million births suggests some parents could aborting unborn female babies or undergoing embryo selection overseas  to have a son.

If nature was left to take its course, it is expected that for every 100 girls born, about 105 boys will be brought into the world.

But in findings researchers say indicates “systematic discrimination against females starts in the womb”, mothers within some key migrant communities are recording sons at rates of 122 and 125 for every 100 daughters in later pregnancies.

Lead researcher Dr Kristina Edvardsson from La Trobe University said it showed gender bias persisted in Australia, despite laws banning people from choosing the sex of their child, other than for medical reasons.

For some reason, feminists applaud the abortion law that will result – and has resulted – in more female babies being aborted.

Can you imagine the mental gymnastics feminists must go through to get out of bed in the morning?

So basically … feminists have helped bring in a law that will kill more female babies.

Just imagine the mental hoops you need to jump through to justify that to yourself.

And believe it or not, the story actually gets worse …

Bob Brown endorses thug tactics of Antifa

This is not fun and games. Someone will get hurt because these tactics always escalate: