Wasn’t the Biden White House supposed to press-friendly?

Just imagine for a second if Trump has done this:

You’re right – it would have been a scandal.

But when it’s Biden White House (those words are hard to type), they were happy to go along with it, until the Daily Beast spilled the beans:

According to the Daily Beast, Biden’s communications department has requested that reporters submit their questions to the White House staff in advance of press secretary Jen Psaki’s daily briefings, presumably to avoid being scrutinized by reporters with difficult questions.

The issue was reportedly discussed during a White House Correspondents Association meeting last Friday.

Reporters are allegedly upset over the White House’s request, fearing it plays into the perception of coordination between the West Wing and media.

Yeah, you couldn’t have that idea taking hold. That could be devastating to the media’s credibility.


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It’s in a report so it must be true.

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