The bushhires being out the ghouls, the fools and the tools

You can decide which of these opportunist rat bastards is which:

Here’s some harsh reality for the cried of “it’s unprecedented”:

  • 1926 Black Sunday 60 dead 1,000 buildings destroyed
  • 1939 Black Friday 71 dead 5,000 bldgs
  • 1967 Black Tuesday 62 dead 1,300 bldgs
  • 1983 Ash Wednesday 75 dead 3,000 bldgs
  • 2009 Black Saturday 180 dead 3,500 bldgs.

So glad he wrote, otherwise no one would have known what the hell he was saying.

This is from the Mayor of Glen Innes Severn Council. She’s become an instant expert in climate policy:

Ms Sparks has no doubt global warming is increasing the number of fires and their intensity.

“We are so impacted by drought and the lack of rain,” she said. “It’s climate change, there’s no doubt about it. The whole of the country is going to be affected. We need to take a serious look at our future.”

Just to reiterate some facts: China’s increase in emissions in last year was more than Australia’s total emissions.

Australia accounts for 1.3 per cent of global emissions. We are a flea.

The ALP post-mortem hid this well: spending caps and truth in advertising

It’s said that if you want to know what’s really going in an annual report, read the footnotes. Secrets are hidden in the footnotes.

The Emerson-Weatherill review doesn’t have footnotes, but it does have some gems that they likely thought would get past scrutiny.

They’re included so they can be referred back to (“hey, we said we wanted to do this – it’s even in the review”) but they’re not given much prominence. Here’s the line from page 64. Blink and you’ll miss it:

Learn more about the truth in advertising laws in practice here.

But a reminder that Labor didn’t seem too fussed about truth in advertising in 2016:

And that’s the truth.

Jim Molan is back, baby

This is fantastic news. Jim Molan is back in the Senate.

Molan is the author of Soveriegn Borders, the greatest policy success of the past decade and the greatest source of visceral hatred from the left. For that alone, who cares about Sovereign Borders! Jast watching them cry in thier cocoa is enough to bring a smile to the hardest heart.

Like this dopey whiner:

The ABC reported:

Retired Army major general Jim Molan is set to return to Federal Parliament after being chosen to fill the spot vacated by Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos.

Mr Molan defeated Insurance Council of Australia executive Richard Shields for the position at a meeting in Sydney today.

The former senator said he was “very humbled” by what he described as a “decisive victory” and thanked Prime Minister Scott Morrison and former prime minister John Howard for their support.

It’s not all good news.

He also confirmed he had agreed not to seek pre-selection again when his term expires at the next election.

Damn it, Jim!

Mr Van Onselen