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The Folau saga gets funnier and funnier …

When Folau was kicked off GoFundMe the left could have been confident that Folau had been sunk. Nowhere to go, isolated, maybe even having to sell a property or two to save his court case and then

The Australian Christian Lobby’s (ACL) Israel Folau support fund has surpassed the sacked rugby star’s previous GoFundMe campaign total in just 24 hours, with the amount clicking past the $1 million mark.

Donations have poured in at a rate of almost $1,000 per minute with the fund now worth more than $1 million — a number which includes a $100,000 donation from the ACL.

The ACL stepped in late yesterday after GoFundMe dropped Folau’s appeal for cash to help fund his legal fight with Rugby Australia.

It has a goal of raising $3 million.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to find this hilarious beyond words.

When he was kicked off GoFundMe, donations were around $800,000.

This morning, at 7 AM, on the second day of the campaign through the Australian Christian Lobby, the amount was XXXXXX.

Conlon is correct, and yet Joyce didn’t ask for Folau to be sacked or silenced or deplatformed.

Maybe we could *gasp* learn from Barnaby.

Magda has a campaign in response – and the weight of positive media behind her:

Comedian and campaigner Magda Szubanski has launched a rival GoFundMe site called “For Love” in response to the Israel Folau donation saga.

Speaking on The Project on Tuesday evening, Szubanski said she hopes to raise $500,000 for charity through the multi-faith initiative.

“Some friends and I had a feeling — I can’t believe I’m up here talking about this stuff again. I would love to leave this subject behind,” Szubanksi said.

“We would like to have a response to Israel Folau that’s not combative. It’s an interfaith group, it’s comprised of Catholics, Muslims, Jews, aethiests and LGBTQI people and we’ve started a GoFundMe called “For Love”.

“We hope to raise $500,000, 10 per cent of which will go to Twenty10 which is an organisation I’m the patron of. It works a lot with kids often from diverse backgrounds who are kicked out of home because of, you know, basically because of there sexuality.”

A lot of those people kicked out would be Muslim. If they were lucky enough to make it out alive.

Of course, it won’t be donating 100 per cent to charity. it will be 100 per cent minus the 5 per cent GoFundMe fee. Just saying.

Boris is not a good person

But not many leaders are. At least everyone knows Boris is an untrustworthy ratbag.

Max Hastings has intended this to be a takedown but he might just be the right rat bastard to get Brexit from the rat bastards in Brussels:

I have known Johnson since the 1980s, when I edited the Daily Telegraph and he was our flamboyant Brussels correspondent. I have argued for a decade that, while he is a brilliant entertainer who made a popular maître d’ for London as its mayor, he is unfit for national office, because it seems he cares for no interest save his own fame and gratification.

Tory MPs have launched this country upon an experiment in celebrity government, matching that taking place in Ukraineand the US, and it is unlikely to be derailed by the latest headlines. The Washington Post columnist George Will observes that Donald Trump does what his political base wants “by breaking all the china”. We can’t predict what a Johnson government will do, because its prospective leader has not got around to thinking about this. But his premiership will almost certainly reveal a contempt for rules, precedent, order and stability.

While the feds want to save the energy market …

Victoria wants to blow it up:

One of Victoria’s biggest coal-fired power stations could close within six years as Victoria’s radical, go-it-alone bid to slash carbon emissions and ramp up renewables hastens its demise.

There are growing fears within the Latrobe Valley community, unions and industry that the Yallourn power station may shut well before its slated closure in 2032, placing increased pressure on the energy grid, prices, and leaving more than 500 people at the plant unemployed.

It is warned a further 500 jobs could go from small businesses across the surrounding region.