Working in a media organisation today was surreal. Facebook is integral to media – it’s how media gets the story to eyeballs.

So media companies do indeed benefit from the social media giant, but so does Facebook, because people share those stories. Do people click through and read the stories? Often they do. Often they don’t, but they do comment (why read the whole story to have an opinion?)

They also share, which keeps people on the platform, which is what it is all about. facebook doesn’t want you leaving their ecosystem.

Many people will be asking today, why go to that ecosystem at all. This will likely rebound on Facebook. If the government holds its nerve.

Does anyone have any clue what the hell this doddering Bag of Farts™ is talking about?

Apart from selling out Hong Kong, the Uyghurs and the people of Taiwan.

Wouldn’t you love to see what the Chinese have on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, according to Joe, the ‘smartest person I ever met”.

This is what free speech looks like

But it’s doubtful they will ever return the favour.

Matt Canavan standing up for a Greens MP banned on Facebook.

Conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh is dead

And the response has been entirely predictable from the left.

Two things: these are the people of compassion and empathy, and Rush was not in their group.