This is exactly what Extinction Rebellion wants

An overreaction to their protests to garner sympathy.

This is playing right into their hands:

What a murky nest of intrigue

If there’s anything grubbier than NSW Labor it’s probably in quarantine.

Read this story slowly to appreciate the full glory of NSW Labor:

The former boss of the NSW Labor Party, Jamie Clements, started working for controversial billionaire Huang Xiangmo as a consultant after he resigned from the party’s head office and was on a retainer worth as much as $200,000, a corruption inquiry has heard.

Mr Clements, a central figure in the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s investigation into the source of an allegedly illegal $100,000 cash donation made to the NSW ALP shortly after the March 2015 election, is due to give evidence on Wednesday.

Clements in the stand will be spectacular because lying to ICAC will get you in a lot of trouble. In Clements’ case, so will telling the truth.

Australia Talks survey and climate change

The ABC is currently running the Australia Talks survey. So far, more than 54,000 Australians have completed the survey.

Australians say they’re very concerned about climate change (The Breakdown, not so much):

Wow. More than half of Australians think climate change is a serious problem requiring immediate action.

ALmost 100 per cent think some action should be taken.


So much much would you be prepared to pay?

Turns out, we may not care that much after all. When the rubber hits the road, our pockets are longer than our arms (to mix metaphors).

Peter van Onselen pretends to be a journalist

So hard-hitting, Peter. Must be tough to remember every talking point from Kristina Kenneally, or does she just write the script for you?

Here’s the solution which we have been saying for months. If you really want arrival by plane to stop, you have to stop asylum claims in Australia. Until you do that, you aren’t being serious.

Why doesn’t ask Kristina Kenneally that?

Peter … ? Will you ask her?

Ellen’s truth bomb

Please watch – it’s worth it (and she has impeccable comic timing, so that’s a bonus):