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Coal-fired reliability

The DB supports building a new coal-fired power station so long as it stacks up economically and environmentally … don’t worry. That’s exactly what this study is going to find:

Plans for a new lower emissions coal plant in Queensland will be fast-tracked by Energy Minister Angus Taylor, who has been given expanded responsibilities in the new Morrison cabinet.

Mr Taylor, who played a key role in refocusing debate on the cost of climate change action during the election, will now oversee the twin portfolios of Energy and Emissions Reductions, and will steer the government’s response to meeting the Paris targets.

Development of new high efficiency coal plants may also be considered.

Mr Taylor’s expanded role is a hard blow to the renewable energy industry, which had been looking to Labor to extend subsidy schemes as part of its 50 per cent renewable energy target.

There would be a heavy focus on opening up new gas resources to play a role as transitional fuel as existing coal plants are retired, government sources said.

The $10 million price tag for the feasibility study is to silence greens (as if that were possible).


Solar panels are bad for the planet

Why didn’t the ABC tell us about how bad solar panels were before the election?

And read this to find out just how bad solar panels are. It’s mindblowing.

Bob Brown fanboy gets it very, very wrong

There’s so much in this article that is wrong that it should be enjoyed slowly, to take in the full extent of the stupid.

Many commentators have pointed the finger of blame at The Greens for the Coalition’s election win.

Or more specifically, at former Greens leader Bob Brown’s Adani convoy that travelled up Australia’s east coast all the way into north Queensland’s regional mining communities.

Even on election night, former Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos didn’t miss a beat, stating: “The Bob Brown caravan which went up there to talk about stopping Adani, had the effect of making a lot of locals say — hang on, you’re not going to tell us how to live.”

While Mr Brown might make a convenient scapegoat, the analysis is at best simplistic or at worst anti-democratic. It wasn’t Mr Brown who lost the election, it was the ALP.

Told you.

Farage lays down the law