But first some good news …

Eat red meat. Cutting it out won’t make a difference. You’ll die anyway. Just dig your garev with yout teeth.

Actually there’s more to it than that. But that’s the takeaway:

In new guidelines published on Monday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a panel of researchers from seven countries suggested that “adults continue current unprocessed red meat consumption.”

The advice — which immediately drew a sharp reaction from other experts — added that adults should also “continue current processed meat consumption.”

The research, published in the journal edited by the American College of Physicians, analyzed multiple studies that, taken together, showed reducing red meat consumption by three servings per week could lower cancer mortality by seven deaths per 1,000 people.

This is why Trump was Downer investigated

Listen carefully:


It’s hard to be a monarchist …

When you get lectured by this blithering idiot.

He’s been travelling to Africa for 20 years, travels almost everywhere by private plane and can’t see the irony about lecturing us about saving the planet.


Damn fool.

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