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Why can’t the ABC tell the truth about cunding futs?

ABC presenters are getting all snooty about “funding cuts”.

It would be nice if they could tell the truth about the cuts – such as the fact that the figure they cits is cumulative. By the way, $148 million is fr a service they no longer provide. That’s not a cut. That’s not getting paid for a job you no longer do. But Alberici isn’t good at maths.

Childcare is a mess

Childcare in Australia is a complete disaster and there is no one in the country smart enough to understand how the system works or how to make the system better.

But one thing is clear, the government (that’s you) can’t keep providing the service for ‘free’ unless there are strict controls over who gets it.

There is a strong case to be made for childcare to be ‘free’ to working families in order to increase participation, especially from women.

Prediction: the government will use this as a bargaining chip when working out a deal with the ACTU.

Budget cuts at the ABC

They can start buy axing ABC Life. However would we survive without this?

Judy Garland (b 1922)

Ray Charles (d 2004)

Ray Charles makes the world better. A shit of a human being. But a superb talent. You can’t win ’em all.