Collingwood has accepted the 18 recommendations of the Do Better report into racism at the club. They accepted the recommendations before Eddie McGuire’s train wreck media conference (isn’t he supposed to be a media mastermind?)

Collingwood report

A can of worm masquerading as a report.

A prominent feature of the report is the emphasis on”anti-racism”.
It’s probably not what you think it is – it’s a loaded term.
Here are some examples from the report:
Page 3: The scepticism spoke to the challenge that the Club should not just show symbolic support for the principles of anti-racism and inclusion, but that it also needed to confront that history so it does not repeat.
Page 4: There are people within the Club who say they are ready to meet the moment. There is a growing understanding that Collingwood will be a better Club, on the field and off, if it can confront its racism and begin to work more closely to include the principles of anti-racism and inclusion into its values in a meaningful way.
It’s made its way into recommendation 1: That Collingwood Football Club undertake a process to integrate concepts of anti-racism and inclusion as qualities inherent in the Club’s values, including the concept of excellence and the goal of winning.
And three: That the Collingwood Football Club Board undertake a Board audit to ensure its membership, through their behaviour and beliefs, reflects its goals of diversity and individually embrace the values of the Club, including the principles of anti-racism and inclusion.
It’s a fair guess that Collingwood thought that “anti-racist” meant “don’t be racist”.
No, no, no, no, no … It’s much more than that.
Because if you say “I’m not racist” then you’re being racist.
What can of worms has Collingwood just opened?

FEATURE IMAGE: Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash.