Greta must be protected

The seems better than the reals when it comes to Greta Thunberg:

in an age in which so many people seem to value the gesture over the outcome, Greta’s choice to endure discomfort conveys a timely message: those who recommend renunciation must lead by example.

Greta Thurnberg’s messianic pilgrimage is easy to mock, but her personal sacrifice is real. Celebrity jaunts like the recent Camp Google, which drew 114 private jets for a nod-fest on the earnest threat of climate change show that for some, human-induced climate change is just an industry – one in which they are deeply invested for financial gain or self-actualisation.

Greta’s journey reminds the world that every visitor to a climate conference, every celebrity, but most especially those who preach to ordinary people the world is about to end unless they curb their modest lifestyles, should now be asked the same question at every opportunity: Greta showed the power of personal responsibility – what sacrifices have you made? How did you get here? It doesn’t matter whether we have 12 years, 10 years, or just 18 months to address the climate emergency unless these self-styled role models are prepared to do their bit.

If only every cause had a child crusader to bring it back on track.

Richard Dennis gets it all wrong

Not all these things can be true at once:

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal. In fact, our share of the world’s traded coal market is bigger than Saudi Arabia’s share of the world oil market. If Australia opened the Adani mine, and all the other mines proposed in Australia, we would indeed double our coal exports. But we would also drive down the world price of coal, drive down production in existing coalmines, and drive up global emissions. It’s not complicated. But while Australia shows no sign of transitioning away from fossil fuels, we have well and truly transitioned away from economics and common sense when it comes to coal.

And Dennis has a PhD in economics. Lord save us.

Hands up if you saw this coming?

A transgender woman is blitzing it in women’s cricket:

A transgender cricketer has reignited a row over who should be allowed to play women’s sports after becoming a star this season.

Maxine Blythin, who is more than 6ft tall, has a batting average of 124 and has hit four centuries.

But her success as Kent’s first transgender woman cricketer – playing in the Women’s Cricket Southern League – has upset campaign group Fair Play For Women.

Oh … you all saw it coming. Was it that obvious? Yeah. It really was. If you were paying attention. So why didn’t Cricket Australia twig?

Trump is a comic genius

Clementine Ford is highly offended by Alan Jones

Clementine has never read her own tweets, apparently:

Germany wakes up

It’s long been curious that someone would travel around the world to find safe haven and then holiday in the country they left.

Germany has seen that an asylum seeker holidaying where they escaped may not be as sincere as they made out:

Refugees who return to Syria for holidays might lose their refugee status in Germany, German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told the Bild newspaper. Some newcomers simultaneously claim to be fleeing persecution there.

Of course, it happened here as well:

Six Iranian boatpeople were caught holidaying in their homeland after lying on their visa applications about fearing for their lives if they had to return, it was revealed today. Yet the AAT stopped the Immigration Minister from deporting them.

Read the whole story. Mind blown.

If euthanasia is a choice for the dying …

Shouldn’t it be a choice for the practitioner?

Christian leaders are “optimistic” new religious discrimination laws will ensure church-run aged care homes do not have to support people when they access euthanasia services, as well as protect churches’ ability to selectively hire school staff who share their religious ethos.

The Coalition is bracing for a messy debate on the religious discrimination bill, a draft of which is due to be released publicly “in the next few weeks”. After cabinet considered the bill for the first time on Tuesday, Attorney-General Christian Porter said “some fine-tuning” was needed but he was “close to finalising a draft bill”.

Count Basie (b 1904)

Sweets Edison on trumpet, Count Basie on piano and then there’s that bloke with the mic.

Just check out the look on Basie’s face. Such joy … what a life!

And Basie with Oscar Peterson is pure magic. Watch from the 16-minute mark (their joking at the 22-minute mark is awesome). Pure magic at the Bösendorfers. A lot of people don’t like jazz (some is pure garbage); they’re listening to the wrong type. This is magical: