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The ABC exposes more dubious dealings between the ALP and the Chinese Communist Party:

A rising Labor star running for leadership of the NSW party received a $5,000 “moving expenses” payment as part of a six-figure donation to Labor by an association linked to a Sydney businessman with deep links to the Chinese Communist Party, the ABC can reveal.

The $5,000 payment to Labor MP Chris Minns also raised questions for Labor’s federal health spokesman Chris Bowen, who was the beneficiary of the $100,000 donation from which Mr Minns’s payment was drawn.

The donation and payment were the latest in a series of disturbing allegations regarding Chinese Communist Party influence exerted over Australian politicians via large donations from Beijing-backed businessmen, including the occasional payment of politicians’ personal expenses.

Two party insiders described the payment as unusual, while others said the airing of old incidents was an example of how toxic the NSW branch of the Labor Party has become as it chooses a new parliamentary leader.

Read the whole thing. It’s breathtaking.

Well, this is inconvenient.

Read the whole story here.

Joske was a co-author with Clive Hamilton of Silent Invasion. Listen to my interview with Clive Hamilton here.

Setka’s mates come out swinging

A powerful union figure says Labor leader Anthony Albanese should consider resigning for accepting “false allegations” against controversial construction union leader John Setka.

Christy Cain, the national president of the Maritime Union, told the ABC suggestions Mr Setka had denigrated anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty at a meeting of CFMEU officials last Wednesday were false.

Mr Cain, who is also WA secretary of the CFMEU, was one of 40-plus union officials who attended the meeting in Melbourne.

He said Mr Setka had used the private meeting to open up about his own “private affairs” and the well-publicised breakdown last year of his marriage with lawyer Emma Walters, with whom Mr Setka has since reconciled.

Mr Albanese has recommended the ALP national executive expel Mr Setka from the party for “unacceptable” comments.

Molan concedes

Awww … crap.

Drill, baby, drill

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has taken a swing at the Queensland Labor Government over its decision to hike gas royalties, describing the decision as “cash grab” that would hurt business and consumers.

“It’s not helpful,” he said, speaking at the Energy Week conference in Melbourne today.

“At the end of the day what we’ve seen in Queensland is a state government that is using the energy sector, electricity and gas, to try to make ends meet in a budget where they’re not making ends meet.”

But he also explained how our gas exports are lowering global emissions. Read it all.

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And a response from Kristofferson: