The battle at the University of Queensland

Pro-Hong Kong students have literally gone toe-to-toe with pro-Chinese students at the University of Queensland. In the past, notably during the torch relay for the Beijing Olympics, protects to ‘protect the torch’ were organised by Chinese embassies in Australia.

There is no evidence that these protests involve the Chinese embassies, but they do appear well organised and there were around 300-400 students involved:

Chinese students from both the pro-democracy and pro-Beijing camps at the University of Queensland (UQ) say they were subjected to intimidation tactics after what started as a peaceful pro-democracy protest escalated into a violent scuffle.

It’s also essential that Australia – especially state governments – start to take seriously the role of Confucius Institutes on our campuses and in our primary schools.

As Clive Hamilton has noted to The Daily Breakdown (and in his superb book, Silent Invasion), these are propaganda arms of the Chinese Government.

If the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation is such a no-no, what the hell are the universities doing accepting Chinese propaganda? And not just accepting them on campus, but also, remarkably:

Australian universities hosting Chinese government-funded education centres have signed agreements explicitly stating they must comply with Beijing’s decision-making authority over teaching at the facilities.

It’s a disgrace that they can only explain by the fact that universities are no longer about education, they’re about making money to support million-dollar-salaries for Vice Chancellors.

Learn more about the Confucius Institutes here.

Greta Thunberg is being used

The Breakdown is deeply concerned by the way Thunberg is being used and manipulated. It’s a point we have raised many times before because it looks a lot like child abuse.

Thunberg was invited to speak to French parliamentarians – some weren’t as respectful as she might have expected:

Urging his colleagues to boycott Ms Thunberg’s speech, leadership candidate for The Republicans, Guillaume Larrive, wrote on Twitter: “We do not need gurus of the apocalypse.”

Other French legislators hurled insults at Ms Thunberg ahead of her speech, calling her a “prophetess in shorts” and the “Justin Bieber of ecology”.

Republicans MP Julien Aubert, who is also contending for his party’s leadership, suggested Ms Thunberg should win a “Nobel Prize for Fear”.

It’s wrong to condone picking on a child, but the definitions of Thunberg seem pretty accurate.

GetUp’s campaign against Abbott was a disgrace

Yes, GetUp won the battle, but the battle never ends. And they’ve shot themselves in the foot.