Australia is different from China … China is different from Australia

But for some reason, this is shocking to many poeple. Including the Chinese.

On Friday, Peter Dutton stated the bleeding obvious:

“We have a very important trading relationship with China – incredibly important – but we are not going to allow university students to be unduly influenced, we are not going to allow theft of intellectual property, and we are not going to allow our government bodies or non-government bodies to be hacked into,” he said.

While he stressed he had no issue with the Chinese people or the local Chinese community, he said the Chinese government’s values were “inconsistent” with Australia’s.

“Our issue, as I’ve said before, is not with the Chinese people, not with the amazing Chinese diaspora community that we have here in Australia. My issue is with the CCP and their policies to the extent that they are inconsistent with our own values.”

Sounds pretty factual. Maybe speaking outside his lane, but he’s a senior minister and he has a bit of latitude in the national security space.

China was not happy:

“We strongly condemn his malicious slur on the CCP, which constitutes an outright provocation to the Chinese people,” the embassy said.

“Such ridiculous rhetoric severely harms the mutual trust between China and Australia and betrays the common interests of the two peoples.”

China is a great nation and its achievements are spectacular*.

But seriously, the CCP needs to grow up. We are barely a pimple on their bum. If they get upset over us, just wait till they realise who’s in the White House.

*The food’s awesome, too. Just saying.

India will need coal for decades to come

This is a spectacular truth bomb from The Times of India. Every paragraph is a smack down of the catastrophists or a truth bomb about India’s energy needs.

It is worth your time. Here’s a taste that explains why India is investing in the Carmichael mine in Queensland:

Coal India Ltd is a truly third-rate coal producer. Despite Modi’s rah-rah talk of renewables, imports of thermal coal in 2018 grew at a record 19% to 172 million tonnes. This is insane because India has the third largest coal reserves in the world. For India to be importing coal is like Kuwait to be importing oil. It is crazy.

India nationalised coal in the 1970s in the belief that the public sector would optimise coal production. What a hope! In underground mines, India’s output per man shift (OMS) is a pathetic 0.8 tonnes against no less than 40 tonnes in Australia. In open cast mines, India has improved recently from an OMS of 8.6 tonnes in 2007-08 to 16.6 tonnes in 2017-18, but this is still way behind Australia’s best (75 tonnes). Enough said.

Read the whole thing.

It’s not presidential …

But damn it’s funny. Trump drops a truth bomb on Biden:

LGBTIQ Democrat townhall

This is funny:

This is insane: