They’re better than us, and they know it

Two things:

  1. How could they stand by when all these bad things happened? Have they no soul?
  2. DIversity, anyone? Maybe the black guy was out getting them coffee when this ad was shot. Or the Latina was looking after their children or cleaning their kitchen …

Judging on past performance, this won’t end well. For them at least:

If you only read one article about racist sperm recipients this year …

Make sure it’s this one.

Holy mackerel, this is garbage. But it’s on ABC Life, so that was a given:

I always pictured sperm banks as a vast database of donors vying for your attention with their supposedly hereditary talents.

In the US, some sperm banks allow you to search by appearance, heritage, education, clinical information and even their celebrity lookalikes.

But that’s not exactly how it works in Australia. For starters, there’s a lot less donor sperm available.

Though numbers vary, many fertility clinics offer prospective parents a handful of donors to choose from, rather than hundreds.

Then there’s the fact that most donors in the clinic system are white

Oh, it gets worse.

Even the Europeans are growing a pair with China

That must be quite a shock to them. It’s been a while since they’ve shown courage:

The European Union on Wednesday accused China of a concerted effort to spread disinformation about the coronavirus pandemic, lumping it with the Kremlin as a global scofflaw seeking to sow divisions in European societies.

“The pandemic showed that disinformation does not only harm the health of our citizens, but also the health of our democracies,” Vera Jourova, the senior EU official charged with rule-of-law issues, told reporters, unveiling a list of recommendations for the 27 EU member states to help promote facts and combat misinformation.

“We are clearly mentioning Russia and China,” she said. “If we have evidence, we should not shy away from naming and shaming.”

Great. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Junior Brown (b 1950)

Junior’s more a novelty than a real singer but he’s not bad. ¬†And sometimes the world just needs some light to go with the dark.