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Just build the damn dam, Dan

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews is right. But very, very wrong:

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has declared that “dams don’t make it rain”, defending his government’s policy of refusing to increase the state’s water storage capacity as he announced more than $31.5m in drought relief funding for Victorian farmers.

As populations rise the need for dams rises. Not that difficult.

The ABC of cancel culture

A private school principal has been criticised for branding climate activist Greta Thunberg “a little girl with … mental problems” in a newsletter.

An updated version of the article has been removed:

But here’s the original version: Greta Thunberg branded a ‘little girl’ with ‘mental problems’ in Coffs Harbour school newsletter – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Read it before they delete it.

Carson King – money raised and life ruined

This is the story of Carson King:

Cancel culture may have finally jumped the shark after an Iowa newspaper decided to include in a profile of a local man raising money for charity two racist tweets he published at age 16.

On Tuesday, the Des Moines Register published a profile of Carson King, a 24-year-old security guard who achieved viral fame after he was spotted on ESPN’s College Gameday waving a sign that asked people to use the mobile payment app Venmo to send him beer money.

The TV coverage brought in $11,000, which King then announced he was donating to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. That declaration led to more donations, which prompted Beer company Anheuser-Busch and Venmo both to announce that they would match Carson’s donations to the hospital. Anheuser-Busch even said they’d gift King a year’s supply of beer, making him an Iowa legend. As of Tuesday evening, King reports raising over $1 million.

In writing up this feel-good story, however, the Register decided to do some digging on King, eventually finding two, now-deleted, tweets from 2011—when King was 16 years old—that made racist jokes, one reportedly comparing black women to monkeys, another making a joke about black victims of the holocaust.

Then someone checked up on the reporter’s tweets. It doesn’t end well for the repoter – it never does. The left never learns.