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George Calombaris still deserves jail

The magnitude of the wage theft from Calombaris is too great to ignore and it is impossible that he thought everyting was OK.

Basically, between 2009 and 2017, Calombaris underpaid workers by $7.8 million.

That’s about $20,000 a week on average for every single one of those 400 weeks. We’re talking serious money.

Or, let’s put it another way: that’s basically what he was paid to co-host MasterChef.

What are the chances he would have MasterChef for nothing?

THere is one very notable element of the interview … the complexity of running a business. If only big businesses can get around the redtape then cases like this will be more numerous.

Watch the interview with Leigh Sales on 730.

Fairfax quoted these Tweets … that’s odd … Jericho works for The Guardian. Does Fairfax not know? Or don’t they care?

And Jokovich is just a hateful Labor hack.

This is Jokovich.

Climate change does something related to something

This is the kind of report that makes you wonder why we fund universities:

The report, From Townsville to Tuvalu, produced by Monash University in Melbourne, pulled together scientific research from roughly 120 peer-reviewed journal articles to paint a picture of the health-related impacts of the climate emergency in Australia and the Pacific region.

It pointed to a 2018 report from the World Health Organisation, which predicted that between 2030 and 2050, global warming would cause an additional 250,000 deaths per year from heat stress, malnutrition, malaria and diarrhoea. But Misha Coleman, one of the report’s authors, stressed that deaths were already occurring.

These people are insane.

Here’s proof:

Climate change is expected to pose particularly stark issues for childhood development, with the report citing research that shows children born to women who were pregnant while they experienced floods in Brisbane in 2011 had lower cognitive capacity (equivalent to at least 14 points on an IQ scale), smaller vocabularies and less imaginative play at the age of two.

But wait a minute. Here’s what the report From Townsville to Tuvalu said:

Extreme weather events, including floods, bushfires, droughts, longer and hotter heatwaves, ice storms and cyclones, are linked to climate change and are increasing in frequency and intensity in Australia and worldwide.

People who live through these events can have direct experiences of being trapped or injured, witnessing
other people being harmed, and seeing their homes and livelihoods damaged. They can be separated from family members, have to live in temporary housing, lack access to essential services and utilities, and lose household goods and other assets. Many people report intense fear during the event, and some develop post-traumatic stress and other mental health problems in the medium to long term.86

Growing evidence from studies of women who have experienced an extreme weather event while they
were pregnant suggests that there are also adverse intergenerational consequences. In 1998 a severe ice storm in Quebec, Canada, involved prolonged disruption to living circumstances and employment opportunities. Women who were pregnant during the ice storm and

the children who were born after it have been studied intensively since then.87

Children of women who experienced objectively-assessed moderate to severe storm-related harm, in particular during the first and second trimesters of pregnancy, had lower cognitive capacity (equivalent to at least 14 points on an IQ scale), smaller vocabularies and less imaginative play when they were two. The deficits in learning capabilities are still apparent in the long term and there are additional consequences for body composition, including obesity, and mental health problems during adolescence.

These effects on children’s cognitive and language development have been replicated in studies of women who experienced extreme weather events, including floods in Iowa City and in Brisbane, and human-made and natural disasters.88

The presumed mechanism is stress hormones crossing the placenta and producing adverse effects on the foetus’s neurocognitive development.

Reference 88 is important. Here’s the abstract:

Research shows that stress in pregnancy has powerful and enduring effects on many facets of child development, including increases in behavior problems and neurodevelopmental disorders. Theory of mind is an important aspect of child development that is predictive of successful social functioning and is impaired in children with autism. A number of factors related to individual differences in theory of mind have been identified, but whether theory of mind development is shaped by prenatal events has not yet been examined. In this study we utilized a sudden onset flood that occurred in Queensland, Australia in 2011 to examine whether disaster-related prenatal maternal stress predicts child theory of mind and whether sex of the child or timing of the stressor in pregnancy moderates these effects. Higher levels of flood-related maternal subjective stress, but not objective hardship, predicted worse theory of mind at 30 months (n=130). Further, maternal cognitive appraisal of the flood moderated the effects of stress in pregnancy on girls’ theory of mind performance but not boys’. These results illuminate how stress in pregnancy can shape child development and the findings are discussed in relation to biological mechanisms in pregnancy and stress theory.

These people are getting desperate. It’s embarrassing.

You heard it here first

yesterday as a throwaway line The Breakdown mentioned that instead of looking into Crown Casino donations, it might be better to look into donations from individuals, as happened with Sam Dastyari and Huang Xiangmo.

Mere hours later:

The Independent Commission Against Corruption (Icac) formally announced on Wednesday that it would hold a public inquiry into donations NSW Labor received from the Chinese Friends of Labor and others.

It will examine whether the groups set up a scheme to “circumvent prohibitions or requirements” on political donations from January 2015 onward.

Elizabeth Warren to decriminalise border crossings

If you don’t have borders, are you even a country?

Stop the world … it’s time to get off

What the ever-loving hell?

Coolio (b 1963)

If you insist on the original; oh, OK, here ’tis: