Does Greta work at the ABC?

How else can this headline be explained?

Greta Thunberg doesn’t want to hear how inspiring she is — she wants climate action

Greta, sweetie, the world is spending billions upon billions on it. Why haven’t you noticed?

She had a blunt message for Democratic senators at the invitation-only forum.

“I know you’re trying … but just not hard enough. Sorry,” she said.

This line of argument will grow wearisome very quickly.

The Conversation turns into a monologue

Sounds like a healthy way to promote debate and sicussion.

This bloke approves. For the record, Tim Stephens is a Professor of International Law and ARC Future Fellow.

How much do you trust government?

This should worry everyone, but as the last episode of Survivor was on last night it’s likely no one cares about this. They should:

The driver’s licences of all Victorians will be uploaded to a national facial recognition database, in what lawyers have warned could lead to privacy and security breaches.

The state government has already uploaded the information to a digital platform, and it is expected to be transferred on to the National Driver Licence Facial Recognition Solution in the next three months.

Start making a list of things you trust more than the Victorian Government protecting your data … that’s why you should be worried.

BTW: Did we ask for this?