Kaila Murnain resigns from ALP, goes full LEEROY JENKINS!

We love Leeroy Jenkins at The breakdown. Time to reacquaint yourself with this meme:

This is how famous the meme is:

So what did Kaila do yesterday when she resigned from the ALP?

She dropped this little note on Twitter:

Sexism? Sexism?

You know, it seems the complaint is very rarely made about Labor, instead we get this:

Debate over sexism was once again at the fore of Australian politics on Tuesday after former Liberal MP Julia Banks quit the party to sit on the crossbench and Greens leader Richard Di Natale was suspended from the chamber after defending a fellow senator over what he considered a sexist slur.

Announcing her defection, Ms Banks echoed former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull when she declared respect for women in Australian politics was “years behind the business world”. Her resignation left the Coalition with just 12 female MPs out of 74 in the lower house.

Ms Banks’ speech to Parliament followed an emergency meeting on Monday between Prime Minister Scott Morrison and federal Victorian MPs in the aftermath of the Liberals’ disastrous state election loss, during which Jobs Minister Kelly O’Dwyer reportedly said the party was viewed as “anti-women”.

South Australian Liberal senator Lucy Gichuhi, who slammed the behaviour of male “bullies” in the party during the August leadership coup, said the Liberal Party had to “stop beating up our women”.

Well, that doesn’t fit the narrative.

First, they came for the communists … then they came for Gandhi

The woke claim another victim.

At the ANU is a giant statue of Churchill.

In November 2017, when these photographs were taken, its hand was painted red:

Seems the woke don’t like Gandhi either:

Manchester should reject a statue of Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi because of his “well-documented anti-black racism”, student activists have said.

The 9ft (2.75m) statue has been given to the city council to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Gandhi’s birth.

In an open letter, the students demanded the council acknowledges his “vile comments” and issues an apology.

A council spokeswoman said the statue was intended “to spread a message of peace, love and harmony”.

Can’t. Stop. laughing.