The data used in today’s program came from Creative Spirits:

Domestic and family violence

Aboriginal prison rates.

Each piece of data is referenced at the site.

Today was not a normal day on The Breakdown, but it is apparent that the true picture of the state of Indigenous life in Australia is not being presented.

Please keep the data presented today in mind the next time you are presented the veneer of truth – especially the wretched lives

Cop unleashes on the hate of CNN

And it is majestic.

ABC unleashes hate on Abbott

But we’re just asking a question, they’d protest.

The pathetic police in the UK

Jackie Wilson (b 1934)

You can see how this man inspired Michael Jackson – a spectacular entertainer with a four-octave range and it seems gravity has no hold on him. And just listen to that tone in ‘Danny Boy’.

His end was an unfathomable as his talent.