Quiet Australians have some very powerful opponents

Some fascinating details are emerging about campaign donations during the last election.

We know that GetUp ran a very personal campaign and vicious against Tony Abbott.

Now we know just how much it cost GetUp and the other backers of Zali Steggall:

A $1.1 million war chest of donations from rich benefactors and ordinary people helped independent Zali Steggall topple Tony Abbott at the federal election.

Wealthy donors to Steggall’s pro-climate action campaign included Southern Cross Star Group founder Neil Balnaves, who gave $20,000, businessman and environmental philanthropist Rob Purves and his doctor sister Sandra, who gave $104,000 between them, Beauty Point businesswoman Anna Josephson, with a donation of $57,725, and Sally Perini, the director of a not-for-profit promoting renewable-energy vehicles and equipment, who gave $20,000.

Of course, there were other donors as well, including Friend of the Podcast Mike Cannon-Brookes. It’s quite a fascinating list. Some very familiar names in there: Simon Holmes a Court, for one; and the idiot son, Alex Turnbull, blowing more of daddy’s money.

We do hope his investments are more successful. Except for the ones in renewables, of course.

But that’s why he wanted to get people like Zali and Oliver and Julia and Rob elected.

Read more here at the ABC.

Mike Cannon-Brookes and tax and Chupa Chups

Yes, if you bought a Chupa Chip you paid more company tax than Cannon-Brookes’ company Atlassian last year.

And the year before that. And the year before that …

That’d be the company that has made him one of Australia’s richest people with a fortune of well over $13 bn.

Learn more here.

Last week the media wanted us to fight with them for press freedom

Last Friday night they applauded censorship.

As the Breakdownsaid last week – the fight for press freedom has nothing to do with you.

At all.

And those skeptics FitzSimons hates? They’d be the ones pointing out silly errors (lies!?) like this in The New York Times:

Learn more about another climate hoax here at the always-brilliant Watts Up With That.

Q&A is a steaming dumpster fire

Here’s a little xercsie that’d blow the mind of Q&A: instead of talking about violence by men, imagine instead that we were talking about violence by Islamists.

Would the ABC then have someone seriously advocating violence in this manner?

Just a thought.

Feature image: Photo by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash.