Is this woman watching the same protest?

Giving these people a platform is pouring petrol on a fire.

Has she been watching the same protests? This is insane.

Check our her CV – there isn’t a lefty box she doesn’t tick.

As said on yesterday’s podcast, if the police who committed violent acts against unarmed offenders were permitted to get off without sanction, there would be a very valid complaint. But as it turns out, the men who killed George Floyd or stood by and watched are going to be tried. They are currently in prison.

And this in Sydney yesterday is not going without consequence:

The officer is being investigated. The arrested boy said “I’ll crack ya f**king jaw bro” but that is no excuse for the actions taken by the officer.

He said the investigation would be conducted “thoroughly and openly” and police were talking to the boy’s family and community members.

Police were attending an unrelated incident in the area at the time.

The teenager has not been charged with any offences.

The officer involved is a junior constable who has been in the force for three years.

His career is almost certainly over.

United Front in Australia

Well, this isn’t good but is anyone surprised?

A long-serving Andrews government staffer with links to the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party’s United Front Work Department has posted a series of articles and videos on social media suggesting coronavirus was created by the US and transported to China by the US Army.

Read it all. And check out the pictures. She hangs out with some interesting people.

The V-shaped recovery might be happening after all

Just as predicted. Of course, it isn’t happening yet and may not happen, but the evidence is starting to mount that maybe the lockdown-created downturn won’t be as bad as predicted.

From the AFR:

Investors are pricing in a V-shaped recovery in the $300 billion retail sector despite fears a rebound in discretionary spending in May might be short-lived and sales will tank when government support unwinds.

UBS says discretionary spending has risen “materially” since April 25, with consumers emerging from lockdown splashing out on household goods, fashion and footwear.

Channel checks and industry data suggested sales of household goods rose more than 20 per cent in May, apparel and footwear sales had also improved and there had been a modest recovery in demand for travel. Grocery sales growth remained elevated after record demand in March.