Adam Bandt – loon on bushfire and drought

Israel Folau – loon on bushfire and dought

From The Australian:

Embattled former rugby star Israel Folau has claimed Australia’s devastating bushfire crisis and record-breaking drought are God’s punishment for legalising same-sex marriage and abortion.

The devout Christian, who had his $4 million Rugby Australia contract torn up over homophobic social media posts, said the timing of the bushfires was not a “coincidence” while delivering his sermon at his church in Sydney’s northwest on Sunday.

Don’t watch or listen if you’re about to operate heavy machinery.

This guy is much better:

What are they suggesting?

If this was bad last week:

What is the Queensland Government suggesting this week?

As firies risk their lives in the worst bushfires in living memory, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has warned volunteers they must lodge a Blue Card application before December 1.

“Any QFES volunteer who is required to have a Blue Card, but refuses to apply for one, or is unable to hold a current Blue Card, will not be able to continue their role,” deputy commissioner John Bolger has told volunteers. “As a member of the Rural Fire Service, you are likely to come into contact with children while performing your role, so are required to have a Blue Card. It is the law.”

A bombshell from the phony impeachment

This. Is. Big.

Funny it didn’t get a whole lot of publicity.

Oh, FFS, what fresh hell is this?

Remember the days when they sold you a drink based on how it tasted? How refreshing it was?