Press media campaign shows mo sign of media self awareness

Today The Guardian pats itself on the back for being champions of truth.

Last week they patted themselves on the back for declaring thier bias against anyone who wuestions climate change dogma.

It’s hard to take the media seriously when they’re so blatantly self-interetsed.

As always.

And where  were thier voices when the Greens wanted to ban ‘hate speech’?

The Breakdown does not condone violence

But we do encourage people going to work and being left alone to get on with their lives:

Not all heroes wear capes. Some have backpacks.

Wind power just keeps getting worse

Turns out wind turbines not only kill apex bid predators, but they can also change their migratory patterns:

The researchers analyzed data on wind turbines, breeding birds, land use, and weather across the United States over a six-year period. The study included 1,670 wind turbines and 86 bird observation routes across 36 states from 2008 to 2014.

“We compared bird routes that were close to turbines with those that were further away, making it possible to more easily and precisely identify the impact of the turbine, while controlling for other unobservable factors,” explains Ruiqing Miao, assistant professor of agricultural economics at Auburn University and lead author on the study.

The negative impacts on birds identified in this study are lower than estimates from some other studies. However, those studies were done on a smaller scale. This research uses a large dataset over a longer time frame, yielding more systematic and accurate information.

But you can mitigate the effects by making the towers taller and the blades shorter.

Let’s rewrite that: you can make them less bird-murdery by making them more expensive to build (taller) and less efficient (with smaller blades).

Where do we sign up?

Too late. We already have.

Media bias against Hanson on display

Here’s the headline: ‘Pensioners slugged $100 to see Hanson’.

Which might make you think she was charging ensioners to ask hera question in her electorate office.

Not true. Instead:

Pensioners are being slugged $100 to attend Pauline Hanson’s One Nation national conference, but the party is refusing to publicly reveal where it will be held.

The secretive conference in Brisbane on Saturday has already received backlash from members who are being charged $150 to attend while pensioners get a $50 discount.

The article also mentioned that the location was secret.

Of course it was. Because of protests. the media