What foreign students study at Australian universities

There’s a distinct preference.

The column of greatest interest is the Universities column as this is the one most affected by the change in policy on Friday regarding the ‘humanities’.

These are what you could call ‘vocational’ tertiary studies. They are geared towards a job.

Now compare with what Australian students study at university:

Field of study 2018* Domestic students International students
Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies 1 1
Architecture and building 2 3
Creative arts 7 4
Education 11 2
Engineering and related tech 6 13
Food, hospitality and personal services 0.1
Health 20
IT 3.5 10
Management and commerce 17 43
Mixed field 1
Natural and physical sciences 9 6
Society and culture 27 9

Sources: https://docs.education.gov.au/system/files/doc/other/2018_section_2_-_all_students.pdf (table 2.9). https://www.teqsa.gov.au/sites/default/files/statistics-report-2019.pdf?v=1572233269 (table 13).

(*Columns do not add up to 100.)

Chinese students around the world:

In the UK, Chinese students are most likely to study engineering.

In the US, they’re most likely to study computer science and mathematics, engineering, and business are the most popular majors among this student population.

Where universities sign deals with Chinese institutions, the most common fields are engineering and management.

Is this a hands-across -the-world kumbaya operation or is it educational espionage?

Kris Kristofferson (b 1936)

Pilot, veteran, Rhodes Scholar, actor, singer, songwriter, unrepairable lefty, today it is worth celebrating the awesome talent that is Kristofferson. And proof you don’t be a great voice to be a singer.

This is a beautiful song based on Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. A masterful work.


This is the song that made him a star when Johnny Cash recorded it, and caused a world of hurt when on primetime used the word “stoned” – and looked up at Kristofferson in the balcony as he did it.

Kevin Bloody Wilson’s Sunday Morning is also pretty good (do you need a ‘language warning’?)

Judy Garland (d 1969)

After just 47 years, Judy Garland just couldn’t do it anymore. So she died.

But my God, a voice that went on forever encapsulating so much pain. Enjoy her music, but never read about her life. It’s bad enough to read it but to know someone lived it is so much worse.

FEATURE IMAGE Photo by Kenneth COSSIN on Unsplash