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ALP hypocrisy about AFP raids exposed

Seriously, Mark Dreyfus couldn’t remember that he wrote to Turnbull about this?

Labor demanded an investigation into the leaking of “highly classified national security information” to the journalist whose home was this week raided by the Australian Federal Police, in a revelation that could blunt the opposition’s assault on the government over press freedom.

Correspondence obtained by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age shows shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus wrote to Malcolm Turnbull in 2018 to urge the then prime minister to convene an investigation into how secret government documents were leaked to senior News Corp reporter Annika Smethurst.

Karen Middleton demands one set of laws for you and another for the media. Because they’re so very special.

John Setka and the ACTU are all class

They deserve each other:

Disturbing new details have emerged about the behaviour of construction union boss John Setka, prompting Victorian premier Daniel Andrews to demand he apologise over comments he made about anti-violence campaigner Rosie Batty.

Mr Setka said last month he would plead guilty to charges of harassing a woman. He told a meeting of his union’s national executive this week that the work of Ms Batty had led to men having few rights.

And the Victoria Government isn’t pursuing his thug union for fines for contempt of court. The CFMEU is a very large donor to the ALP in Victoria.

That’s what corruption looks like.

The AFL has lost its mind

Abusing umpires at a kids’ game is a dog act; this is a national pasttime and a massive overreaction:

A fan was booted from Marvel during half-time of the Blues’ win over the Lions in relation to comments he made towards umpire Matthew Nicholls as the official left the playing arena at the long break.

“All I said was ‘You can’t call the ball one-handed, you bald-headed flog,’ and then he’s just pretty much stamped his hand on the side of the wall there, pointed to a security guard and sort of chucked me.