Maybe the climate models are wrong …

Of 102 climate models tested at the University of Alabama, 101 were found to overestimate warming.

Doesn’t this mean that the theory might be … aaaah … wrong?


Trump is the finest comedian of his generation

This is trolling on a level we’ve never seen before:

Artists want more of your money

The market tends to get these things right. If you can’t make money doing something, it’s probably because you aren’t very good. But there is a solution to artists not making money from customers, it’s getting more money from you. Not by selling you art you want, but by forcing you to subsidise their hobby.

Talk about entitled.

This takes some, er … you know whats …

It’s getting tougher and tougher to make commonsense statements about trans isusues. This is to be encouraged but will likely bring a world of pain:

Women’s sport is under threat from transgender athletes who identify as women but compete with “the steroidal power” of male biology, says headmaster Tony George of Sydney’s King’s School for boys.

“People with Y chromosomes have a natural source of steroids — these people are commonly known as men, and they have much more testosterone than women, giving them a physiological advantage,” he says in a newsletter for parents and staff.