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The criminals run rings around the justice system

This is another sure sign that the system meant to protect us is working against our interests:

Criminals are stockpiling high-powered weapons to hand in for lighter jail sentences, surrendering them post-arrest in secret deals conducted with authorities.

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that 29 guns recovered from a deserted car in Bankstown last Thursday were all given up by one influential Middle Eastern gangster. The criminal had spent months negotiating the handover with senior police.

The seizure, one of the largest in recent memory, included a stack of firepower: shotguns, assault rifles, handguns, machine pistols and silencers, all prized weaponry that command huge sums on the black-market.

Is this what Australia has become?

Greens face Sophie’s Choice

Greens being hypocritical? You don’t say:

Rainforest trees 200 years old have been cleared to make way for a wind farm transmission line in Tasmania’s Tarkine, prompting claims of green “hypocrisy”.

Myrtle and sassafras trees were among those felled along a 10.5km corridor widened for transmission lines associated with the $280 million, 112 megawatt wind farm at Granville Harbour, in Tasmania’s remote northwest.

Special species timber advocate Andrew Denman, who discovered the felled trees, said it raised concerns about environmental impacts, wastage of high-value timber and wind power’s “green” credentials.

Errol Garner

Garner couldn’t read music, played by ear, sat on phone books to play and loved every minute. He’s one of the neglected giants of jazz.

Enjoy the magnificent Errol Garner.