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Richard Di Natale is wrong about coal

And he’s wrong about elections …

We just had one. He lost.

How much CO2 goes a bushfire release?

Die you know bushfires are counted against our emissions?

And they are a lot:

In a submission to the United Nations last year, the Australian government said wildfires in 2003 released 190 million tons of CO2-equivalent, roughly a third of the nation’s total greenhouse gas emissions for the year … fires in 2003, which ravaged the capital Canberra, and in 2006-07 released about 550 million tons of CO2.

The current fires had already burned hundreds of thousands of hectares, he said, in areas with total carbon content of 200 tons per hectare or more.

Sweden struggles with electric vehicles

This is too funny for words … and we were meant to be 50 per cent electric by 2030.

Sweden’s ambitious plan to drastically cut emissions from transport by bringing millions of electric cars onto the road could be derailed by a lack of power capacity for new charging stations in major cities.

An increase in government grants sent sales of electric cars surging by 253% in the first five months this year, but the rally could be over before it’s really started. Demand for electricity in Stockholm and other cities is outgrowing capacity in local grids, forcing new charging networks to compete with other projects from housing to subway lines to get hooked up.

To reach a government target of becoming carbon neutral by 2045, the industry group Power Circle says the Nordic region’s biggest economy needs to add to about 2.5 million plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles by the end of the next decade from around 70,000 today. While many of these will be charged at home for shorter journeys, a network of stations for longer trips and professional drivers from taxis to delivery vans is also needed.

You must read The Mocker

A work of genius:

How pleasing and surprising it was to see so many of the commentariat suddenly in favour of freedom of the press. Some of us had been warning for the last few years it was being compromised by executive and legislative censorship, but our progressive betters were at best indifferent to or contemptuous of such protests. But last week’s “raid” on the ABC by the Australian Federal Police led to a mass outcry among the intelligentsia. Aunty had been violated.

Some good news about meat

Red meat has been given a bad rep for heart health in people whose diets have a high proportion of it, but a new study finds that white meat may be just as bad when it comes to cholesterol.

So ditch the chicken and just eat a steak. You know you want to.