Just watch

This is the Chair of Lambeth independent police advisory group, Lorraine Jones, she’s also a pastor and a community activist. Sweet Jesus:

Better yet – watch it all:

These people are idiots.

No, folks, you’re not racist

You know that, but you’re constantly told that you are. And the ‘evidence’ that you’re racist even if you don’t display it is ‘junk science’ (emphasis on the junk).

This has arisen again as another black man was shot and killed by a police officer in the US.

It’s a long report (really, really long) but worth the read.

Kooky Faruqi strikes again

But is she wrong?

Yes and no.

Getting rid of the police is absurd. But there is enough sense in her idea to make it believable.

Mental heal issues are major problems for police forces around the world as this 2012 paper from the Australian Institue of Criminology attests.

But can police be replaced with mental health workers as is often assumed to be the case?

Check these figures out (from the AIC)- there certainly seems to be demand:

The problem?

What happens when the mental health worker turns up and things turn violent? Then it’s not playtime anymore.

Who runs the NSW Department of Education?

Oh … the bloke who used to run the ABC.

So is it any surprise that this happens?

Climate activist Greta Thunberg is teaching kids about the environment in NSW schools after the education department encouraged students to study her speeches, but Education Minister Sarah Mitchell says it “wasn’t approved”.