This woman is a senator

There are sound economic arguments to support temporary migrants (and even international students).

Kooky Faruqi has chosen to use none of them and is instead playing the race card.

A total of 4,695,326 eligible votes were cast in the NSW senate election in 2019.

The Greens received 409,790.

Kooky received 25,097 personal votes. Being at the top of the Greens ballot, she was elected.

For comparison, Jim Molan was not elected in the Senate (he was later appointed to replace Arthur Sinodinos).

Molan received 137,325 votes. The most any candidate has ever received for any vote in Australia.

To repeat: Molan was not elected.

This man is a senator

From the relentless Fergus Hunter in the SMH:

Liberal senator James Paterson has taken aim at universities’ reliance on international students, using a speech in Parliament to reveal confidential details about the University of Queensland vice-chancellor’s pay incentives to deepen ties with China.

In a late-night speech on Tuesday, Senator Paterson said a whistleblower from the university had given him a copy of last year’s senior staff remuneration report, which showed vice-chancellor Peter Hoj had received a $200,000 bonus based partly on his success in growing the university’s relationship with China.

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