Former Attorney-General Christian Porter has now become the former Industry Minister after he decided that he would rather take a million dollars from a blind trust than serve in Cabinet … or pay his legal bills from his own pocket.

It is easy to see Porter as a victim of an angry mob, and certainly, the angry mob and the ABC has gone hard after him. But even forgetting the allegations of rape (a large caveat, to be sure), his behaviour has not been fitting either of a Cabinet minister or especially an Attorney-General.

That he could not see a problem with accepting a massive amount of money from “unknown” sources is beyond comprehension.

That he was not made to resign when this became public, that it took a week before sanity prevailed, is monstrous misjudgment by Scott Morrison.

Nikki Minaj is a beast

Apparently, Nikki Minaj is a singer.

She’s actually a warrior. And if you’re smart – don’t mess with Nikki Minaj.

If you haven’t followed the Minaj saga last week, make sure you track it down – this is a good place to start:

On Monday September 13, rapper Nicki Minaj tweeted to her 22.7 million followers that she wouldn’t be attending this year’s Met Gala because of the event’s COVID-19 vaccine requirements. This set off a chain of events leading to Minaj feuding online with world leaders, commentators, and journalists ever since.

Read it all – watch the links and then read more.

She is spectacular. Of greatest interest is her response to Tucker Carlson.

It seems Queensland has a campaign against AstraZeneca

There seems to be a campaign to disparage alternatives to Pfizer.

Why not the campaign for Moderna? Or the vaccine which is almost flooding the streets?

Super Pfizer

Is this intended to belittle the other vaccine options?

Surely there has to be a reason?

According to The Courier-Mail (8 August 2021):

The husband of chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young has served as an adviser to COVID-19 vaccine manufacturer Pfizer and received travel perks and other benefits from the drug giant.

Discussion about the link has emerged on social media after Dr Young said the AstraZeneca jab should not be given to Under 40s, and only given to Under 60s on medical advice, despite a study finding it had a ‘similar safety profile’ to Pfizer.

The Sunday Mail is not suggesting any conflict of interest over Dr Young’s stance or any link to her husband’s work.

Queensland Health says she does not perform work for Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers, travel to conferences or receive speaking fees.

Her husband is respected microbiologist Professor Graeme Nimmo, who was Queensland Health’s State Director of Microbiology before retiring last year.

Up until about a decade ago, Prof Nimmo served on advisory boards for Pfizer and other drug companies Novartis and bioMerieux.

Novartis earlier this year announced a deal to produce the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to help meet worldwide demand.

Documents show that Pfizer and Novartis paid Prof Nimmo’s travel and accommodation costs to attend the 2011 Antimicrobial Resistance Summit in Sydney in 2011.

A health source said Prof Nimmo was also believed to have performed work for a company which merged with AstraZeneca.

A Queensland Health spokesman said Dr Young, who was appointed chief health officer in 2005, did not attend the conference with her husband.

Which statement from Dr Young caused all the concern – that would be this anti-vax statement:

And this is interesting, from Neil Breen on 4BC on 21 May 2021:

Neil Breen has found Queensland’s Chief Health Officer has elected to receive the Pfizer jab, and currently remains unvaccinated along with the Premier.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young’s ages should place them in group 2A in the vaccine rollout, qualifying them to the AstraZeneca jab now.

However, a Queensland Health spokesperson told Neil Breen Dr Young will receive a Pfizer vaccine as part of group 1B

Neil pointed out Dr Young, and the Premier “could’ve received Pfizer on March 22 – that’s when it was first opened for category 1B”.

But yesterday, Ms Palaszczuk declared she was yet to be vaccinated against COVID-19 because she hadn’t received her flu vaccine yet.

“It’s been around for weeks and weeks!”

Ms Palaszczuk and Dr Young delaying their vaccinations goes against the advice of Queensland Health, which calls for Queenslanders to get their jabs as soon as possible.

“Well, it’s May 21, they could’ve got it on March 22.

“That’s not as soon as possible!”

“Queensland Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeannette Young, will receive her flu and COVID vaccinations over the next several weeks.

“The Chief Health Officer is part of the Covid-19 response.

“We’ve said we want all of our workforce who are part of the response (category 1B) to be fully vaccinated as soon as possible.

“As she is part of the category 1B response group, she will be getting vaccinated with Pfizer.”

“The premier has long said she would get her vaccination when it was her turn from her GP.

“She said yesterday that she would get her flu shot first in the next couple of weeks with her COVID vaccination to follow.

“Dr Young’s recommendations about the AZ vaccine are the same as those nationally recommended.

“Both the Premier and Dr Young have encouraged Queenslanders to get vaccinated.”

So in their defence, at least they aren’t being hypocrites – but isn’t the point to be vaccinated so the country can get out of this lockdown.

Being fancy-pants about vaccines is delaying our escape from the Gulag.

Kristina Keneally’s backroom deal

Keneally is not a great talent – Paul Keating is wrong about that and the older he gets the wronger he gets.

“What western Sydney needs is someone with this ability – an ability to garner or eke out a bigger share of the national income, because people in western Sydney live on the ebb and flow of the economy,” he said.

“Broadly, they don’t have capital, they have nothing to sell but their time, and therefore public policy – whether it be in wages, in health, in education – materially matter to their quality of life, particularly now with COVID.

“Local candidates may be genuine and well-meaning but they would take years to scramble to her level of executive ability – if they can ever get there at all.

“And on the diversity point, she’s a migrant herself – she got off the plane and scrambled her way to the NSW premiership, which is a pretty big effort, a pretty good effort.”well-meaning but they would take years to scramble to her level of executive ability – if they can ever get there at all.”

Notice he doesn’t talk about her? He talks about abstract concepts. There’s a reason for that – and that’s why you need to read this analysis from Troy Bramston.

Bramston doesn’t hold back. And the deals to keep her in politics stink to high heaven. This is the opening line:

Kristina Keneally is the great survivor of Australian politics, with failure after failure being rewarded again and again. Keneally does not have support to lead Labor’s NSW Senate ticket at the next election. But she always has patrons to call on and this latest failure will be rewarded with a safe lower house seat.


He goes on:

Has there ever been a more brazen carpetbagger?
And then he answers the question.

Get a subscription and read it all.

But back to Keating. He may be saying more than he intends to when he adds this about Keneally:

“She’s in the top handful of people in the party and, as her performance in the Senate shows, she’s a great advocate for Labor’s value system,” he said.

“And she has what a lot of people in the Labor Party do not have, and that is a permanent sense of indignation about those less well-off.”


Her indignation is that she is not a minister. She’s totally in it for herself as her political manoeuvering shows.

As for Labor values, she lives on Scotland Island in Sydney. Some battler.

In 2017 she bought a weekender on Scotland Island for $1.8 million. This is her weekender:

The contemporary five-bedroom house on the south-facing waterfront with views to Bayview has been on and off the market for more than a decade, originally with $1.35 million hopes. Its most recent sales campaign was launched in October with a $1.95 million guide before it sold through Melanie Marshall, of P.M.C Hill Real Estate.

Set on 860 square metres, there is a main house with four bedrooms upstairs and a study and an open-plan living, dining and kitchen area below. There is also a separate teenager’s retreat, a spa and a chicken coop.

Keneally sold her Pagewood family home in her former Heffron electorate in 2015 for $2.27 million, and has been renting in Hunters Hill in recent years. They also own an investment townhouse in Wollstonecraft they bought for $1,383,000 last year.

It looks delightful.

Vale Norm Macdonald (15 September)