Many listeners during the week sent this video of Tucker Carlson’s interview with Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister.

If you haven’t seen it, you should:

It must be good – all the ‘nice’ people are hating on Tucker for it.

The Guardian: How Tucker Carlson and the far-right embraced Hungary’s authoritarian leader.

Whaddaya mean, Tucker has a new hero? We all do. 🙂

Sky News isn’t the target – you are

The fight against Sky New by YouTube is designed to smack down a vocal right-wing/conservative voice so everyone else knows they are also vulnerable.

It is beyond shameful that other media outlets have backed this attack on free speech.

One day, the people dancing on the grave of Sky News may wish Sky was on their side. This is about principle.

Being about principle, no wonder Kevin Rudd misses the point. As does Malcolm Turnbull.

The Rudd lies against Sky News are nauseating. But so is Rudd. Grab a bucket,  this gets fruity.

It’s important to remember, that five of the six “banned” videos were aired in 2020 – before the vaccine. Not during lockdown. Either Rudd is a liar or he’s a moron.

Or option C. Both.

(On second thoughts, it can only be option C.)

When any treatment was an option. Shouldn’t Rudd and the enemies in the media have made that clearer? It is kind of relevant:

Who is that masked fascist?

Family kicked off a flight in December 2020. Rowan Dean – correctly – called this “evil” and “authoritarianism”. That’s why one of the videos was banned.

Decide for yourself:

Apple set to scan your data (if they haven’t already)

Apple set to scan iCloud and messages.

This story didn’t get much airplay? Check it out

Revealed: Professor Graeme Nimmo’s (Dy Jeannette Young’s husband) history with drug company Pfizer.

Telling the truth can get you kicked off Twitter

Yet more evidence emerges that COVID (probably) came from a lab

This is why we need free speech, free from the editing of social media juggernauts.

More evidence has emerged that Kung Flu came from the lab in Wuhan. This is the latest revelation from Sharri Markson who has copped a battering from the left-wing media but has been relentless:

A Beijing laboratory director was infected with Covid-19 in a lab accident in early 2020, explosive emails have revealed, showing an inadvertent leak of the highly contagious coronavirus is far from a conspiracy theory.

A senior scientist at a prestigious laboratory, the National Institute for Viral Disease Control, allegedly contracted Covid-19 in his laboratory in early 2020 while researching the virus, prominent virologists say.

The virologists discussed the infection in an email chain obtained by the US Right to Know group.

China’s failure to disclose this laboratory accident has raised questions about whether health authorities would have disclosed a lab accident in Wuhan months earlier.

Please, get a subscription to The Australian and read it all. Courageous journalism like this deserves to be funded by readers – not the government.

The effort to oust Tim Wilson

If you’re old enough, you might remember Ian Macphee, a rather useless liberal MP from Victoria. he held the death of Goldstein, now held by former IPA spokesfolk and Human Rights Free Speech Commissioner Tim Wilson.

He is an independently minded Liberal and liberal.

There’s a lot to like and a lot to dislike.

Macphee wants to oust Wilson:

The Fraser-era immigration minister Ian Macphee has endorsed a local push to replace the incumbent Liberal MP Tim Wilson in his former electorate of Goldstein with an independent at the next federal election.

Macphee, a vocal party moderate, held the Victorian electorate of Goldstein during his political career before he lost Liberal preselection in 1989.

During an interview with a moderator of community group Voices of Goldstein, the former Liberal minister said this was a time “when voters in a progressive electorate like Goldstein must play their part”.

During the interview, Macphee expressed strong objections to the “disgusting” and “inhumane” offshore processing policies of the Morrison government, and said the Coalition was “not listening” to the science on climate change despite some of the hottest temperatures on record.

Macphee was an immigration minister in the Fraser Government. Not our best time for immigration (although it did expose some hard truths about Whitlam which make the link with reading).:

Communist forces came to power in South Vietnam and Cambodia in April 1975. Gough Whitlam, Labor prime minister at the time, vehemently opposed Australia accepting Vietnamese refugees since he did not like the fact they were anti-communist.

He has written frequently about immigration, including bashing – always from the left – the Liberals.

He was remarkably quiet when Labor changed Howard’s policy (which Macphee hated, big shock) and more than 1200 people drowned at sea.

Another Liberal turncoat. So of course the media loves him.

FEATURE IMAGE: Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash.