The supply agreement Pfizer didn’t want you to see

The supply agreement between Pfizer and Albania has been leaked.

As the episode was being recorded, a refresh of the Twitter page showed that the tread had been removed:

Albania had a 10-year secrecy agreement with Pfizer.

Israel’s is 30 years, but their agreement is on a government website, albeit heavily redacted.

The question is, what has out Prime Minister signed us up to?

This is not the way we do it in Australia, Prime Minister

Scott Morrison says Australians who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 will face more restrictions than their fully vaccinated counterparts once everyone in the country has had the chance to get the jab.

NSW Police were spotted on multiple modes of transport on Saturday, including push bikes (pictured)

So it’s not compulsory, but your life will suck without it.

That’s basically the same thing.

The interview is here at 3AW.

But at least some people are being looked after … you’ll never guess who’s going to jump to the head of the queue … Nurses? Aged care workers? Aw, that’s cute.



The Courier-Mail surveyed all of Queensland’s state MPs and found politicians as young as 30 are taking up the Chief Health Officer’s offer to jump to the front of the queue to get a Pfizer vaccine.

As revealed on Wednesday, CHO Dr Jeannette Young this week wrote to the clerk of Queensland’s parliament, Neil Lawrie, advising him that Queensland politicians should be vaccinated as a matter of urgency.

Politicians are able to use a print out of the letter as “evidence of their eligibility” so they can book an appointment.

Bundaberg MP Tom Smith, 30, Mount Ommaney MP Jess Pugh 36, Aspley MP Bart Mellish and Hinchinbrook MP Nick Dametto, 37, will all use the letter to go to the front of the line despite not yet being eligible based on age.

If they wanted to show leadership they should take AstraZeneca. Especially the young ones.

The lockdown costs keep rising

There’s a greater cost to lockdowns than the “lives saved” – it also costs lives:

A preprinted study from the United Kingdom reveals that five times more children committed suicide than died from COVID-19.

Researchers from the University of Bristol, University of York, University of Liverpool, and University College London compared morbidity statistics from the UK’s National Child Morbidity Database with Public Health England testing data between March 2020 and February 2021 in a recent report, which is in the peer-review process. Twenty-five “children and young people” — defined as people under eighteen years of age — died of COVID-19 during the period; the morbidity rate for COVID-19 was therefore two per every million.

Meanwhile, 124 children died of suicide during the same period — five times the number of children who had died of COVID-19.

Fauci: more positions than the you-know-what

ABC fake news budget cuts

The ABC said they were being slashed.

The reality is somewhat different.

The ABC’s spending on advertising has soared to its highest levels in the past decade despite the public broadcaster’s repeated claims that it has been beset by budget cuts over the same period.

The FOI advertising figures come just three days after The Australian revealed the ABC has admitted its employee numbers have climbed in the past 12 months despite many claims publicly that the organisation’s headcount was on a downward trajectory.


Looks like they weren’t being cut to the muscle after all.