Let’s start on a high note: Biden can’t even steal well (despite all the practice)

Peter Dutton: Minister for Common sense

We all know that common sense isn’t, probably because Peter Dutton has got more than his fair share:

Peter Dutton has been ridiculed as the “minister for culture wars” after he took exception to a morning tea where staff wore rainbow clothing to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

The defence minister on Friday told the Sydney Morning Herald he had ordered the defence force chief, Angus Campbell, to issue a department-wide note ordering events “such as morning teas where personnel are encouraged to wear particular clothes” to “cease”.

Dutton’s intervention has been ridiculed by the public sector union.

Dutton is a legend.

Finally, Malcolm does something to help the Libs

Malcolm could find a way to lose a one-horse race. His candidate in the Hunter by-election lost and the National increased their majority with a swing to them.

Malcolm donated $3000 to the independent candidate – the most he could donate under the law.

It didn’t escape the NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro, who thanked Turnbull – much as Morrison was probably grateful for the Greens caravan during the 2019 election. From the ABC:

Deputy Premier John Barilaro is speaking at the Nationals HQ in Singleton and has taken the opportunity to continue his beef with former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

“Well firstly, a big thank you to Malcolm Turnbull. Thank you Malcolm.”

Mr Turnbull supported Independent candidate Kirsty O’Connell in this by-election, donating $3,000 to her campaign, and hit out at the Nationals for “selling the health of the community” and “cuddling up to” mining companies.

This week Mr Barilaro called on Mr Turnbull to resign from the Liberal party, calling his actions “treachery”.

This is why we’re building a new gas-fired power station

Coal miners are not the only blue-collar workers relying on reliable power:

A massive 35,000 per cent spike in wholesale power prices due to supply shortages has forced a NSW aluminium smelter to shut down three times in the past week to keep the lights on in Sydney.

The Tomago smelter, which supports more than 1800 local jobs, has had to power down multiple times since May 12 to ensure households across the state have enough power for heating as winter sets in.

Let’s put that in real-world terms:

Tomago chief executive Matt Howell said the sudden power price hike to $14,500 a megawatt hour was the equivalent of ­petrol prices going up to $400 a litre.

This affects us all … even if no one has the courage to admit it yet.

And in case you’re wondering, this is not what happens in China. And they would never close manufacturing for the sake of Greta Thunberg.

There’s more than one race-baiter in the Greens

Meet David Shoebridge – NSW Greens MLC.

Here’s his post throwing some chum to his followers:

He even quoted some of the article to show what a fraud the investigation will be:

But what he left out was this detail, which is kind of important:

Officers say the woman was a passenger in a Hyundai Hatchback which crashed into another car after running a red light at a northern Darwin intersection about 2.30am on Sunday.

Emergency services tried to give the woman CPR after the accident but she died at the scene.

And here is the race-baiting:

NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge said in April the deaths were a national crisis and reinforced the urgent need for the 339 recommendations of the Royal Commission into Deaths in Custody to be implemented.

“Every First Nations death in custody is an inevitable result of the racist criminal justice system that results in First Nations people in NSW being the most incarcerated people in the world,” he said in a statement.

“The government is on notice and action is urgently required. It cannot be accepted that First Nations people routinely die in custody.”

Do you know how you don’t die in ‘custody’? Don’t be in a car being chased by police. They don’t chase cars for fun.

FEATURE IMAGE: Photo by Pop & Zebra on Unsplash.