This is never going to end, is it?

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Media fools #1: Rudd has missed the point

The story about changing the name of fairy bread took off last week and it was tempting to cover it at The Breakdown, but fate intervened.

It saved what would have been an embarassing admission that the story was a fake.

Kevin Rudd loved the story, seeing at asnother opportunity to whack the Murdoch media which grabbed the story like a fat kid grabs, well, fairy bread.

Here’s his tweet:

As always, Rudd missed the real point of the story. It’s not that a media organisation fell for a hoax, it’s that in 2021, a story like that looks all too real.

That’s why it’s so frightening.

Media fools #2: The full context

Last week, Jenny Morrison, wife of the PM, copped a bucketing for this pic.

Note the framing:

The comment, most famously put across by Magda Unspellable was, well, here’s what she tweeted:

And here’s her pathetic explanation for the attack.

But it’s anothr example of the media not doing it’s job – when the furore started they could have put an end to it by putting out these other pics.

But that would have killed the story.

Media fools #3: clickbait sneering will be the death of journalism

Clickbait and sneering by journalists (who should know better) will kill journalism. From Sam Maiden (yes, she should know better):

Just 24 hours after slamming the ABC’s report on a twerking dance troupe, the Prime Minister has performed his own bizarre dance routine for the cameras with miners in Western Australia.

To the strains of Jimmy Barnes’ Working Class Man, the Prime Minister donned a high-vis costume with billionaire Twiggy Forrest at the Christmas Creek iron ore mine in the Pilbara region of WA.

What followed should probably come with some sort of viewer discretion warning but featured a chino-clad Prime Minister performing deep knee bends in a move that could safely be described as a ballet move reminiscent of a middle-aged man settling himself carefully on a very low outback toilet.

According to Fortescue, the ‘bend and stretch’ exercise is part of the daily routine to get workers ready for a long day of work in the mine.

So what was the PM doing? He was in WA performing the pre-work limber up with other workers.

Maiden thenlinked it to he PM going to Barre classes. Maiden finished with this (seriously, does no one read this stuff before they hit Publish?):

The Prime Minister’s attempts to soften his image with an early morning bend and stretch exercise follow a collapse in his personal approval ratings amid controversy over the COVID-19 rollout and his treatment of women.

The former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate has accused the PM of humiliating her on the floor of Parliament and bullying her out of a job.

She seriously thinks the PM went to an iron ore mine to appeal to women? FFS.

What an unbelievably arrogant piece of work

Tony Windsor perfected the image of the country gent. It served him well. So well that his legion of fans still overlook his obviously malevolent heart and soaring character flaws, of which arrogance and self-entitlement are certainly not the worst although they may be the most easily visible from space.

This exchange is just a recent example.


Tony Windsor gets served. image: Twitter.

For the record, the article is here. Worth reading. And paying for. And you may never see a more elegant backhander to a pompous fraud who deserved a harder whack.

FEATURE IMAGE: Photo by Daniel Schludi on Unsplash.