Here’s what the report said (but first, note the sinister pic with the article – pathetic):

The article continues:

There are arguably no “he said, she said” issues with the alleged rape because police are yet to interview the man at the centre of the claims.

Despite speculation that Defence Minister Linda Reynolds may be forced to resign from the portfolio, Mr Dutton said now was not the time for such speculation.

“I haven’t had an update this morning. I sent a message to Linda yesterday,’’ she said.

“I think all of us, as Penny Wong did graciously yesterday, but others in the media as well, want Linda to get well as quickly as possible.

But Dutton didn’t say it was “he said, she said”.

What he was referring to were the details:

“And I wasn’t provided with the ‘she said/he said’ details of the allegation. It was at a higher level.”

He’s saying he wasn’t told what happened – he’s saying he was given the bare basics.

He was no – NOT – disputing the allegation of rape.

This is lazy, pathetic clickbait journalism, and considering that few people read articles to the end and prefer the headline and the sugar rush of outrage, it is bad for politics when a respected journalist who usually bucks the trend uses these cheap tricks.

Dutton should consult a lawyer

This could be a very costly tweet for Larissa Waters.

Rudd didn’t want to hit a Chinese negotiator after all

Always was a wimp, always will be a wimp.

Saying the quiet part out loud: Biden won because of the virus

A senior adviser to Democrat Joe Biden in his campaign for president believed “Covid is the best thing that ever happened to him”, a new book reports.

It was, the authors add, a necessarily private comment that “campaign officials believed but would never say in public” as the US reeled from the impact of the pandemic amid hospitals stretched to breaking and with deaths mounting and the economy falling off a cliff.

You don’t say. Read the report in The Guardian.

The problem is that the virus, thanks to Trump, will soon be defeated. That means the Bag of Farts will be the president in a world that requires a pro-business president who can stand up to an equally surging China.

Biden is not that man.

So you shouldn’t take health advice from a loonbag celebrity?

Why weren’t we told sooner?

Gwyneth Paltrow has been urged to stop spreading misinformation by the medical director of NHS England after she suggested long Covid could be treated with “intuitive fasting”, herbal cocktails and regular visits to an “infrared sauna”.

The Hollywood star, who markets unproven new age potions on her Goop website, wrote on her latest blogpost that she caught Covid-19 early and had since suffered “long-tail fatigue and brain fog”.

Brain fog? We’ve found Patient Zero. And it seems she caught it about 20 years ago.