Zali Steggall didn’t beat Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott didn’t even beat Tony Abbott.

The media did. And GetUp.

Both wanted to get rid of him and worked hand in glove to make it happen.

Now there’s another target – Craig Kelly.

This is what happens when you go against the climate religion – you must be destroyed.

Quick question: why did these concerned residents use UComms to push poll in Hughes? Here’s the answer.


Boo-hoo, Kevvie lose again … but he will be back

Rudd is an intelligent bloke – just imagine what he could do for the world if he used his powers for goodness and not badness.

But he doesn’t.

Because he’s not a good person.

But at least he lost his latest battle to reduce the free speech of people who dare disagree with him.

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s campaign for a royal commission into media diversity has failed, with the federal government formally recommending that the inquiry should not proceed.

Too bad, so sad.

Facebook – Australia is expendable unless the world catches our disease

This is why we are being treated like crap. To Facebook, you just aren’t that important:

So in the scheme of things, we aren’t worth a lot.

Unless others start to think those crazy Aussies are onto something. Which they are – starting with Canada:

Canada is poised to take on Facebook, following the example set by Australia, which began a war with the tech giant when the country’s publishers backed proposed legislation demanding payment for their content.