Is he stupid? Or does he know his supporters are stupid?

Kevin Rudd is a sad man. He needs a hug. But by the looks of him at the moment, he should have a shower first.

Rudd is approaching this with all the vigour and hatred he used to cut down Gillard.

Rudd may think that he would still be PM were it more for Rupert, but the truth is that Rudd’s failings as PM are all his own fault. He was a terrible PM because he was a terrible human being.

He calls Scott Morrison “Scotty from marketing” but Rudd was out first celebrity social-media-created PM and he wasn’t up to the job.

As for Murdoch, well of course Rupert Murdoch is powerful.

But that’s a smokescreen.

That’s not what bothers Rudd.

It’s that Murdoch doesn’t agree with Rudd on bid issues like … wait for it … climate change.

If Rupert was in agreement with everybody else – so the whole media was a monopoly of ideas – Rudd wouldn’t care.

Read David Penberthy’s account of the Rudd schmoozing with the Murdoch media(paywalled, sadly).

People don’t read beyond the headline

There’s more going on with this post than meets the eye – and the comments show that very few people read the links in tweets.

You should, though.

There’s going to be an inquiry into the Texas blackout

Lucky they haven’t predetermined the outcome already.

Some good news from the ABC, but let’s see how long it sticks

ABC staff have been threatened with the sack and warned about posting personal views on social media after a journalist made false claims about fallen AFL Eddie McGuire on Twitter.

After McGuire resigned as president of Collingwood Football Club on Tuesday, the next day Sally Neighbour, executive producer of ABC’s Four Corners, took to Twitter drawing conclusions between his demise and billionaire James Packer’s setbacks.

She deleted it, but the internet doesn’t forget.

Why was the tweet a problem?

Eddie grew up in public housing. neighbout made a assumption. And it was wrong.

This bloke is on CNN and this is what he’s just learned

Remember, these are the clowns who are telling you the news. Now are you worried?