The Guardian howls at The Donald’s two-for-two

Today on The Breakdown we start by fisking this column in The Guardian – which is awful, quite an achievement considering the dumpster fire that is The Guardian in 2021.

Trump peaceful protest tweet. Was this used as evidence?

Donald Trump Jr seems to be enjoying the win as well:


So the Lincoln Project were grifters after all … shock!

The Breakdown flagged a problem with Rick Wilson on 31 May 2019. It was obvious there was something wrong.

We saw that coming a mile off. Why were the ABC so gullible?

Because he said what they wanted to hear.

Professional grifter and mate of Leigh Sales at 730.

He’s appeared many times since on the ABC. And now the enormous grift of the Lincoln Project is coming to light.

The best part is that they siphoned millions away from Democrat campaigns.

The worst part is that scumbags were made rich.

But for the ABC, they were the right scumbags.

Read all about them here.

But the scandal is so big – and so delicious, just search for ‘Lincoln Project’ and read about the implosion of this mob.

it. Is. Awesome.

So a giant solar dream turned to poop … shock!

Bet you didn’t see that coming!

It’s almost as though it could have been easily predicted – even by a podcaster.

It’s behind the paywall at the AFR, but here’s the main bit:

… in a blaze of publicity, tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes pledged to restore the electricity of fire-ravaged towns – whose poles and wires had been incinerated – with 100 stand-alone solar and Tesla battery units providing 24-hour off-grid power.

To date, the Resilient Energy Collective has installed a grand total of six power units – only four more sites than were already live back when MCB was commending his own impactfulness. Forget 100 in 100 days, it’s six in 11½ months.

MCB (as he is known) is highly successful, but this kind of show is what hucksters become famous for.

You aren’t a solar huckster, are you, Mike?

Don’t answer that. He looks like the suing type.

Nat King Cole (d 1965)

We remember Nat King Cole for his singing but he was also a superb jazz pianist … but, by God, that voice.

Such a terrible, rotten loss that he died at just 45.