Today’s show is not an easy one to digest – the topic is tough and goes against almost everything you have ever been told about economics.

But, if you understand the theory, you will be a mile ahead of almost everyone else, and you can understand what is happening now. Yes, it is happening now. But no one has the courage to call it.

Start here.

Holy crap – watch all of this … superb

It’s one of the third-rate hick lawyers demolishing a journalist when he references several pieces of evidence doctored by the Democrats in the impeachment.

The US really is a sh-t show. Watch the proof.

Remember when … Trump putting kids in cages made him an evil bastard?

Even though the kids in the pix were from the time Obama (and Biden) ran the show?

Yeah, you remember.

Well, now there’s a solution to the blowback from putting kids in cages – see if you can catch it:

The Biden administration is opening an overflow facility for unaccompanied migrant children apprehended at the US-Mexico border, the federal agency tasked with the children’s care told CNN in a statement.

The Health and Human Services Department will reopen a facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, that can accommodate about 700 children and can be expanded if necessary.

The Department of Homeland Security is also beginning to expand its processing capacity. US Customs and Border Protection, for example, is building soft-sided structures in Donna, Texas, to provide processing capacity in the Rio Grande Valley, one of the busiest regions for illegal border crossings, due to a nearby processing center being closed because of renovation.

Did you see what they did?

Don’t call them cages. Call them “soft-sided structures”.

Problem solved.

Remember when … Trump said there was voter fraud?

Guess what? Dems tried it too:

A judge in New York on Friday rejected Democrats’ claims that voting machine irregularities undercounted hundreds of votes for Rep. Ted Brindisi, a decision that means Republican challenger Claudia Tenney will be certified the winner of the election.

Lawyers for Brindisi had called for a hand recount of the 325,000-plus votes cast in the House race, arguing that irregularities with voting machines used in Oswego County had undercounted hundreds or thousands of votes for Brindisi.

Marc Elias, a prominent Democratic election lawyer, made the claim about the voting machines in a court filing on Monday. Republicans were widely criticized following the presidential election for claiming that voting machines switched votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Keep an eye on the name “Mark Elias”. When there’s an issue with voting and the Dems trying to change the system, he’s the bloke they turn to.

He’s a fixer. He fixer things.

Does anything green ever work as it’s meant to?

Even devices meant to protect firefighters don’t work – they ignite (FFS).

A solar panel safety device designed to protect firefighters from electric shock is behind an alarming increase in rooftop blazes, with incidents jumping more than 500 per cent in the past three years while the rate of safety inspections has decreased.

Fire and Rescue NSW data shows firefighters attended 139 solar panel fires last year, compared to 22 in 2018 and 56 in 2019. There have already been 18 fires to January 26 this year.

Of the 619 inspections in 2019-20, inspectors found 12 unsafe systems and 117 substandard systems, roughly in line with annual trends.

So about 2 per cent are unsafe and 20 per cent are substandard.

It’s lucky these things that catch on fire aren’t anywhere important. Like ON our houses!

Lord have mercy.

FEATURE IMAGE: Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash.