The ABC gets all upset when Greg Hunt put out this ad:

Michael Rowland thinks you think the liberals paid for the vaccines. Rowland thinks you’re an idiot.

Here’s Rowland clutching his pearls:

Maybe he could clutch them over this. Did Victorian Labor pay for the railway station?

WOW! Labor paid for a railway station!

If the standard is applied equally and consistently then we can all rejoice. But it won’t be.

Why is the left exposing itself?

This story is a big deal and should be read – especially about how te left worked with Big tech to stifle stories.

It’s a long read but it exposes the campaign to “protect” the election that has actually embedded corruption into the US electoral system.

A must-read – especially if you know why they’re exposing their campaign.

Lonely Kevvie needs a hobby

Because whatever reputation he has left is being further diminished with this campaign.

And then there was this from Tuesday:

But this is the full par. Do you see the problem with what Rudd has highlighted compared with what the paper actually said?

All of Australia’s earlier climate policies, from the Howard government’s proposed emissions trading plan to the Gillard government’s carbon tax, have included exemptions for high-emissions, trade-exposed industries such as cement-making and aluminium smelting. The issue of carbon leakage, where high-emissions industries shift countries to avoid emissions penalties, is still an issue that must be considered. Nothing has been proposed by Mr Morrison on climate that would require a vote in parliament. But if the Prime Minister fails to acknowledge the internal concerns and to act to quell any dissent, he could face the same destabilising forces that have toppled other leaders on the issue of climate, including Malcolm Turnbull, Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

Yes, that’s right. Kevin lied about what the para is actually saying.

And he also posted this (yes, he really does need a hobby … besides eating):

Maybe this is why Leak said that.

But Rudd plays to the balcony and he never expects to be checked. Which is a shame. That’s why he keeps lying.