When Christopher Pyne announced he was going to be consultancy work after politics, the Beakdown was unimpressed because it stank to high heaven.

You can listen to the podcast here from 23 July 2019.

And here’s some of what we wrote:

Martin Parkinson, the Secretary of PMC, should have had the testicular fortitude to call out Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop for their blatant disregard of the ministerial code of conduct.

Pyne’s is the worst case.

This is the exact problem we were talking about yesterday – the elites versus everyone else.

Pyne is an elite. He has all the right views and his motivations have always been questionable – what’s never been in questions that his top priority is not you.

That he can then, after being a professional useless person (a lifelong politician) then use his contacts to further enrich himself is sickening, especially as is payday for Pyne … in addition to the very generous pension that you pay for. Here’s the story from The Guardian:

The former defence minister Christopher Pyne’s lobbying firm has been engaged by another weapons manufacturer to “assist its rapid growth within the Australian defence and government agency market”.

DroneShield, an Australian Securities Exchange-listed firm that makes anti-drone technology and weaponry, announced on Monday that it had engaged the lobbyist firm Pyne and Partners, led by Pyne and his former chief of staff Adam Howard, to help it win a bigger slice of the government’s huge defence expenditure.

And here he was in 2018. With the company he is now working for.

Whatever you, don’t think about this too much – it’ll make you sick.