Asylum seekers score a lotto win and send you the bill.

The federal government has been ordered to pay potentially millions in compensation to almost 1300 asylum seekers after accidentally leaking their personal information online in 2014.

The details remained online for 16 days.

George Brandis is eminently slappable. But in this instance, the slap is unwarranted. Don’t fret, he’ll do something which deserves a whack any day now. He’s a doofus and he can’t help himself.

Australia’s high commissioner to the United Kingdom has been criticised after flying home for a holiday while thousands of citizens remain stranded overseas.

George Brandis has come under fire for returning to Australia over the Christmas break, spending almost a month off in Queensland after completing two weeks of quarantine and holding a series of meetings.

Biden sure does love him some equity. It would be awesome to see him stumble if he was asked just what it is that he has fallen so deeply in love with.