Australia Day is about to go the way of the dodo. It’s in its dying stages. This is sad but no institution can stand these days, all must be remade in the image of the left. Everything patriotic must be turned upside and rebuilt to worship at the altar of woke.

Soon there will be nothing left.

Albo’s really hilarious suggestion

Albo must be in a good mood and he decided we all needed a laugh as well, so he suggested that ScoMo appoint Kevin Rudd (yes, that Kevin Rudd) to be a special envoy to China. The same one that called them rat-f%%kers when he was trying to negotiate with them in Copenhapgen.

Or to quote directly: “Those Chinese f**kers are trying to rat-f**k us.”

Yeah, he seems like the right guy to give the job to. These are some of his recent tweets:

When he’s not accusing him of promoting racism, he calls him Scotty from marketing. Remember, Kevin Rudd was a diplomat. Supposedly.