Listen to ‘ScoMo reopens the culture war’

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ScoMo makes the left lose their minds

ScoMo seems to have learned quite a bit from The Donald.

Check out the cuts from his speech to the Queensland Resources Council.

And then have a look at how David Crowe covered it – he was by no means the worst, but check out how he frames the argument and selects his sources. Including asking Mike Cannon-Brookes for his thoughts on the topic. FFS.


Remember, Mike’s committed to climate action. In 2050. He’s protecting his bottom line, you see. Nothing wrong with that. Except when someone else does it.

Guess they didn’t want to see Greta

Swedish teenager needs help getting back to Europe following the COP25 meeting’s move from Chile to Spain.

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

It has to be said: HOW DARE YOU!

Problems at the top of Treasury

The Treasury Ball sounds like fun:

Treasury is investigating one of its most senior executives, deputy secretary Matt Flavel, who has been on leave from the department’s leadership team since last month.

In an email sent to staff and obtained by Guardian Australia, Treasury secretary Steven Kennedy addresses what he says are “a number of allegations regarding the conduct of a Treasury employee” that have circulated among staff.

“I am taking appropriate steps to investigate the allegations,” the note from Kennedy says.

“I want to assure you that we have robust processes and procedures, including independent reviews, to deal with such matters, and these are being closely followed.”

Apparently, Flavel had a little too much fun at the annual Treasury Ball.

This didn’t age well:

The Ukraine scandal – know the detail

John Solomon is one of the best reporters following the Trump-Russia and Ukraine scandals.

If you want to know the latest, read It’ll blow your mind.

Learn more about the sleazy Adam Schiff, the liar leading the impeachment into Trump.

Who do these judges think they are?

How awful that an immigrant would arrive and not be a burden on the country so generously taking them in. But then, we’re not judges, so what would we know?

A federal judge in Oregon on Saturday temporarily blocked a Trump administration proclamation that would have required prospective immigrants to prove they would have US health insurance within 30 days of their arrival or enough money to pay for “reasonably foreseeable medical costs”.