Trump goes two-for-two

Impeachment is over, so that means the war against Trump is ended, right? Not by a long shot. And the leftist purge continues – this time the useful idiots at the Lincoln Project are imploding.

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The woke attack

Today on The Breakdown, after 23 years of only opening his mouth to change feet, Eddie’s left Collingwood, but why are the woke now going after Waleed? And is a Magic-8 Ball smarter than a magistrate?

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Google eats a brown sandwich

Today on the Breakdown, Google eats a brown sandwich, the ABC doesn’t understand conservatives (there’s a shock), and a new report from the US says there is no social media bias against conservatives – what have they been smoking?

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Social media force field

Force fields aren’t science fiction – they exist. They’re operated by social media, and if you’re a ‘special’ you get all the protection you need. But if you aren’t, you’ll be destroyed.

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Meet the swamp people

Today on The Breakdown we introduce you to some of Australia’s swamp people. You know their names, but you might not know what they’ve been up to. It’s time to change that.

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The elites are revolting

Brexit scared the crap out of the globalists, and then along came Trump – a bloke who ate his steak well-done and didn’t care for the UN. So he had to go. Today on the Breakdown we examine the elites, how to spot them and why they’re a danger to you.

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Kristina Keneally’s Kancel Kulture

Kristina Keneally is the most vicious politician in parliament – and that’s saying something. Today we examine how she has brought the worst of cancel culture to Australia, and why it needs to be called out and stopped. But will the media have the courage?

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Australia is fricking awesome

The move to destroy Australia Day is irresistible and its success inevitable – today we examine why. But that doesn’t mean Australia and our national day isn’t worth celebrating, because the truth is, Australia is fricking awesome.

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Cricket Australia: woke up to yourself

Cricket Australia – custodians of our national sport and the biggest Aussie chokers since Greg Norman – has decided Australia Day is ‘unsafe’. Today on The Breakdown, we have a look at what reconciliation actually means, and is it even possible. (Oh, and Biden’s first day but that’s too awful to think about.)

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The dream is over, the nightmare begins

For half the world, the nightmare is ending, for the other half, the nightmare is beginning. Today on The Breakdown, we take you through some of President BOF’s greatest hits – and how the media has covered for a man who is almost certainly compromised by China, and doesn’t see the danger right before his eyes.

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This is The Daily Breakdown

If you only listen to the mainstream media you aren’t getting less than the news, you’re getting a diet of bulldust. At The Breakdown, my goal is to break through the lies with analysis that will put you ahead of the game. Or not.

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