A jab in the arm and a shot in the dark

On the same day as Scott Morrison was pleading with the European Commission for more supplies of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the European Medicines Agency said there was a “clear link’’ between blood clots and the vaccine … oh, yippee.
And canBiden backflip over a wall? Probably, but it won’t be pretty.

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It’s never Malcolm’s fault

Today on The Breakdown, Malcolm Turnbull’s just lost his third job because of climate change – this one took less than a week – but is less impressive than the self-destruction that cost him the prime ministership. Maybe he’ll learn to get along with others this time. But probably not … cos it wasn’t his fault (it never is).

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ScoMo issues a grovelling apology

ScoMo’s bad week got worse when he had to apologise to News Ltd for overreach, while the ABC complains that he won’t volunteer himself to be slain on 730 (so at least he’s learned something as PM). Why does the US Treasury Secretary want to increase global company tax? And another product is in the woketavists’ firing line. But which one?

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ScoMo screws up the nuclear option

ScoMo needs a circuit breaker. He tried tears. When that didn’t work, he went the nuclear option. Somehow he forgot it only works if the destruction is mutual. You don’t aim the nukes at your face and start the countdown. And what happens when conservatives lose the culture?

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Inside the Canberra bubble

Grab a mask and wash your hands afterwards because we’re going inside the Canberra bubble – and it’s not pretty. And if Toyota is ringing the alarm bells over electric vehicles, why isn’t anyone else?

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The inevitable fall of Taiwan

It is inevitable that China will conquer Taiwan as they have Hong Kong – and there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it. Today on The Daily Breakdown, we detail how they’ll do it – and how they’ve prepared.

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The perils of living in a glasshouse

Labor was always flirting with danger when they ran hard on the Christian Porter allegations – now former Labor staffers are sharing their experiences. It is going to get tough for a lot of Labor luminaries. And how five workers were almost sacrificed to green gods.

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All Black Lives Matter REDUX

Today we revisit an episode from 6 September 2020, All Black lives Matter. It created an incredible response from listeners by merely presenting facts about Indigenous incarceration and deaths in custody. It is not easy to listen to, but it is well worth your time.

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Seuss wasn’t cancelled, Seuss was sacrificed

Attorney-General Christian Porter outed himself as the Cabinet minister alleged to have committed rape in 1988. In doing so, he’s also set a new ministerial standard. And we address the cancellation of Dr Seuss – why it’s a watershed moment in the destruction of the culture.

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Time to face the music

Today a Cabinet Minister will own up to being at the centre of the 1988 rape allegations. It should not have taken this long and the Prime Minister should not have taken his word (if it actually is who almost everyone believes it is).

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