Tyranny of the experts

Scientists are our new overlords – we trust them to make decisions with cool regard only for the facts, guided by truth and knowledge. But what if these experts are as venal, shallow and weak as the rest of us?

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WHO do you trust?

For an entire year, we were told Kung Flu came from a lab. On the Breakdown this week, we investigate how this likely false report came to be accepted wisdom – and how you were silenced if you didn’t agree.

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The blue-collar by-election

The Hunter by-election was more than just a humiliation for the Greens and the climate catastrophists, it was a win for blue-collar workers and pragmatic politicians – it’s also good news for your power bills; Peter Dutton enters the climate wars; and the Bag of Farts steals a joke (and he can’t even do that right).

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The suicide of a superpower

The US is now in terminal decline – it has decided on an economic path that is certain to result in its destruction, just at the time China is in the ascendancy. This has grave implications for Australia. And we check in with the Australian Breastfeeding Association … and wish we hadn’t.

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The week that went: Activists are relentless

This week has proved that activists are relentless. They will use any misery, import any crisis or event to further their cause, whether it is trying to stir racial issues in Australia, or redefining climate change on the sly to create a perpetual war – the fight never ends.

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The pandemic that keeps on giving

Today on the Breakdown, first it was 15 days to stop the spread, then we put hope in the vaccine to return to normal. Now it seems the vaccines will be an annual event – but even then, there are no guarantees. And the petition to ban fairy bread. It was a hoax, and absurd, so why did it take off?

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The media cements the Holgate narrative

If you have an opinion on Christine Holgate it’d better be positive or it’s misogynistic bullying – the narrative has been built and the media is building the barricades.
And how the left ruins everything. Even a children’s cartoon isn’t safe from being turned into a propaganda tool.

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Black deaths in custody – time for some serious analysis

As we near the 30th anniversary of the release of the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody, the Breakdown looks at how the activists use deaths to promote their agenda that Australia is racist – and ignore a much bigger issue.
And why the response to the death of Prince Philip makes me proud to be a monarchist.

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Normal doesn’t live here any more

We were told vaccines were the key to getting back to a post-COVID normal, but yesterday the PM announced that under-50s should avoid the AstraZeneca vaccine. Under-50s are the taxpaying backbone of the economy, and the AZ vaccine was the one that Australia was relying on. Two steps forward, two steps back. Normal has been postponed.

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A jab in the arm and a shot in the dark

On the same day as Scott Morrison was pleading with the European Commission for more supplies of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the European Medicines Agency said there was a “clear link’’ between blood clots and the vaccine … oh, yippee.
And canBiden backflip over a wall? Probably, but it won’t be pretty.

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It’s never Malcolm’s fault

Today on The Breakdown, Malcolm Turnbull’s just lost his third job because of climate change – this one took less than a week – but is less impressive than the self-destruction that cost him the prime ministership. Maybe he’ll learn to get along with others this time. But probably not … cos it wasn’t his fault (it never is).

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ScoMo issues a grovelling apology

ScoMo’s bad week got worse when he had to apologise to News Ltd for overreach, while the ABC complains that he won’t volunteer himself to be slain on 730 (so at least he’s learned something as PM). Why does the US Treasury Secretary want to increase global company tax? And another product is in the woketavists’ firing line. But which one?

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ScoMo screws up the nuclear option

ScoMo needs a circuit breaker. He tried tears. When that didn’t work, he went the nuclear option. Somehow he forgot it only works if the destruction is mutual. You don’t aim the nukes at your face and start the countdown. And what happens when conservatives lose the culture?

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Inside the Canberra bubble

Grab a mask and wash your hands afterwards because we’re going inside the Canberra bubble – and it’s not pretty. And if Toyota is ringing the alarm bells over electric vehicles, why isn’t anyone else?

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If you only listen to the mainstream media you aren’t getting less than the news, you’re getting a diet of bulldust. At The Breakdown, my goal is to break through the lies with analysis that will put you ahead of the game. Or not.

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