Ok, this may not have come from Guthrie, but it most certainly came from someone who has kept a file and isn’t afraid to use it.

Former ABC chairman Justin Milne wanted to hire pop queen Kylie Minogue to sing about the public broadcaster as part of a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign.

Multiple sources have told Fairfax Media the idea was shot down by senior ABC management, including former managing director Michelle Guthrie, because the singer’s $750,000 price tag was deemed too expensive.

Ms Guthrie is understood to have “hit the roof” when she discovered the proposal.

Several sources confirmed the cost of the campaign was about $3 million, including $750,000 for Minogue. They said Mr Milne backed the idea at meetings earlier this year, when the broadcaster’s top managers were seeking to replicate a BBC promotional drive featuring some of that network’s biggest stars.

Have you opened your file yet?

Instead of Minogue, they went with this campaign, in which Australian ‘celebrities’ audition for future ABC gigs by leaving their dignity at the door.

No shock that it follows the basic template of celebrities preaching down. It’ what the ABC does best.

They’re better than you, so do what you’re told.