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You do one sheep

Statues are tumbling around the world because the heroes of the past don’t meet the high moral standards of he perfect woketavists of today. Washington, Jefferson, Churchill, Gandhi … wait, what?! Yep, even Gandhi was a racist. Who knew! isn’t history fun!!

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The Guardian pledges to be biased

The Guardian hasn’t just drunk the Kool-Aid, they’re making it. Their new style guide drops any pretence of objectivity when it comes to climate reporting. GetUp boss Paul Oosting speaks at the National Press Club and claims 2019 as a success (we re-live some of his ‘successes’) and mispronouning as assault in the UK. Seriously.

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ScoMo’s defence of Liu is despicable

Gladys Liu is ScoMo’s totem. She won against the odds in Chisolm and her triumphant arrival in parliament has linked them together forever. But his defence of her yesterday (playing the race card no less) was a low act of a desperate man. It was the worst of political correctness.

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Q&A pulls another swifty

Ricci Bartels’ heartbreaking story on Monday night got all the headlines in the post-Q&A wrap but there’s more to the story than you’ve been told … Keating escapes from his crypt … and PNG sells itself to China.

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The db’s on the Twitters


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